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February 27-March 4 Our Homeschool Weekly Report, week 18

week 18
I just got a new phone and I am starting to take pictures with it exclusively and I am not sure how to make collages. A thank you to Laurie for helping me out with this. It is a learning process for someone who grew up before the computer/video age. This post may be a bit more disjointed as well, but here it goes...
We enjoyed a Spaghetti Dinner and Game Night with our homeschool group.
part of Quentin's history journal
We learned about the geography, culture and the history of the people who live in Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia. We particularly looked at their history in the Middle Ages, since that is the period we are studying this year.
We also worked on our usual English program and we continued our study of food webs. Sam is on a roll lately with his school work as we finally got the curriculum that works for him (Teaching Textbooks Algebra II, Rosetta Stone Japanese, The Power is in Your Hands Composition...)

Their Aunt Brenda has given each of the kids some projects to do in which she has called Mission Possible. Alex's challenge was to make three postcards and send them to her next week. This week he made the postcards based on the paintings he has been making lately.

Quentin has been working on a Medieval Math project.

We had our friends, Hope and Eddie, over to play games...

which made us all very happy.
Quentin's Gargoyle
We created things, just because we wanted to, not because it was assigned.

Alex made a new painting, this time of fireworks using various techniques, which was the skill he was learning this week. 

(Post coming soon.)

Alex also worked on various skills on his iPad using a program designed for autistic people, Camp Discovery.

We got lots of snow and ice, like most of the country.
Unfortunately, we had to miss roller skating this month because of it.

How was your week?
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  1. The weather kept our schedules crazy. Finding the curriculum that works for our young people as a never ending adventure at times. Glad you found what is working. Thanks for sharing your fun week. I'm visiting from Weekly Wrap Up.

  2. Oh, I love Alex's fireworks painting! Colors pop on that black background! Looks like another great week of learning...and socializing! Games are fun with friends!

  3. Depending on what phone you have, you may be able to make your collage right on your phone. I have a "picstitch" app that I make them on. When you put your pictures on your computer, the collage will be with the rest of your pictures. It looks like you had a great week- I am not able to get to the computer as much lately, but when I do, I love to visit your blog. :)

  4. What a lovely week. The snow is gorgeous. I love the firework painting.
    Blessings, Dawn

  5. Tiring. Between 2 field trips this week, the boys' birthday and then their party tonight I'm tired.

    Like Laurie said picstitch can do it, as can a couple of others I'll look them up once I have my phone handy again and send you an email. I also upload them to my computer and make collages in picmonkey because I find that easier.

  6. I love how Aunt Brenda is so involved in the kids' education! I'll have to check out that iPad app for Bethany!

    1. Hi Phyllis! I thought you might be interested in Artists With Autism website.
      http://artistswithautismunite.webs.com/ I hope your week has gotten off to a great start!

  7. This week was transitionary between Germany and normal life. So... a little cranky. In positive news, it's been warm and beautiful here in Silicon Valley.

  8. What a fantastic Auntie Brenda! I love the idea of her setting mission impossibles to your children. I might have to introduce the idea to my mum!
    Not to overwhelm you but I use Ribbett to do collages, buttons and anything else with my pictures. It's free and so simple I mastered it almost immediately (I had tried two others before hand) I really recommend it!

  9. What a great extension to turn Alex's artwork into postcards! Love all the smiling photos :)

  10. I just read a story about the Khymer and the man whom was in charge of one of the torture buildings, Duch. He has a life story filled with Grace.


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