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123...I Can Paint Fireworks Sky Using Various Techniques

This week Alex had a lot of fun making a fireworks scene using various crazy techniques!

 First paint your canvas background black.
 Next, once the paint is dry, put a strip of tape at the bottom of the painting. Masking tape is recommended, but we were successful using duct tape. 
Now your artist can get creative with paintbrushes, toothbrushes and even their fingers to brush, flick, spatter and use any other technique they can think of. Once the painting is done and you have let it dry, you can remove the tape and paint a scene below of people watching the fireworks, or anything else you wish.

sources and resources:
  • 123...I Can Paint, Irene Luxbacher


  1. Fireworks are always fun to paint.

  2. I just love Alex's pictures. I'm so pleased you post about them - they are brilliant!

  3. A Pollock in the works :)

  4. I'm really liking this series - the process is so doable...but with a nice end result, too.


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