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123...I Can Paint! Complementary Colors and a Busy and Bright City Street

Pairs of colors, like blue and orange, green and red or purple and yellow are called complementary colors. They look extra bright and busy beside each other.

Let is turn these busy colors into a bright and lively city street.
Mix up gray paint, using a little black and a little white paint together. Cover the background to make a gray sky. Let this dry.
Using a spoon, drop blobs of paint on the background, putting complementary colors next to each other.

Press a square of cardboard on one blob of paint at a time, dragging it down to the bottom of the canvas.
Keep doing this until you have a painting full of colorful city buildings. Don't the colors together make the buildings jump out at you? Let this dry.
Now you can paint in the details. 
Paint in windows, a street at the bottom. You could add cars, people, planes or clouds...whatever you want.
sources and resources:
  • 123...I Can Paint, Irene Luxbacher


  1. What a great trick to use the cardboard squares - the final piece looks great! You're going to end up with quite a collection of art.

  2. This is such a fun project. It looks like Alex really enjoys painting!

  3. This curriculum is fabulous. Alex is producing some top notch work and seems to be thoroughly enjoying himself!

  4. I love the smoke stacks. It looks great!

  5. Oh how fantastic!


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