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Saint Francis DeSales

January 16-22, Our Homeschool Weekly Report, week 13

January 16-22

This week we enjoyed friends over...
enjoyed the snow outside...
and beauty inside.

week 13
For school, like usual, we completed math and English work, Sam worked on Japanese, Algebra, Government and Composition. We rehearsed our play at co-op...

Geography: Malaysia and Indonesia

...began our study of Malaysia and Indonesia. Post coming next week.

Art Techniques: Tones

Alex explored light and dark tones while making this birds's-eye view painting.

Medieval History: The Bulgars and Slavs, 600-1453

We learned about the Bulgars and Slavs. 

What have you been up to this week?

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  1. Sounds like it was a good week! I like the painting of the streets... :)

  2. The contrast between the snowy outside and the warmth and colours indoors is huge! I love both pictures, and am excited to read about your geography posts about Indonesia and Malaysia next week. These two countries don't come up very often in geography studies so it'll be very interesting to see how you've studied them.

  3. I wish that we had snow here! It's just gray and rainy. :)

  4. I agree - great comparison between inside and out - love the color contrasts! Another lovely painting in the series, too :)

  5. That table looks calming with the fish painting from the first art lesson. I don't know why it feels calming, but it does.

  6. Beautiful pics and looks like you had an amazing week! Hope you have a happy weekend ahead!

  7. What a great painting that Alex made. I love the snow picture. We are hoping for snow but so far have just high winds.

  8. Looks like a lovely, cozy week! Winter isn't my favorite but I do enjoy the coziness of being inside. Love the pretty tulips!

  9. What a beautiful winter scene!

  10. Although I love the winter and snow, those tulips were a fresh reminder that spring will be here before we know it. Great wrap up!

  11. Thanks for sharing your week! The snow looks beautiful, we don't see much of that here in Arkansas!!

  12. Looks like a great week. It's fun to glimpse a Cyrillic alphabet on your blog :)

  13. Wonderful! So inspiring! Your children are very lucky!


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