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October 24-November 6, Our Homeschool Weekly Report, Week 8

November 1-6
Our eighth week of school went on for two weeks. Between illness and busyness, we had to put together two half-weeks to make one full week of learning. 
October 24-31
Well, it turns out that Katie had strep throat (I didn't know that often has a vomiting component with it), and we are all feeling a bit under the weather. 

Despite all of this, we did have a nice Halloween in which we had a werewolf and Robin Hood...

and we went bowling before the illness struck.
week 8
In addition to the usual math and English lessons, we did some hands-on projects.

World Geography: Eastern India

We learned about the people and places of Eastern India.

and we learned about the people and places of Southern India.

Medieval History: Byzantine Empire

We began work on the Byzantine Empire.
  • Read a history spine, such as Kingfisher History Encyclopedia p. 100-101Make notes of key words as you read. Write a few sentences about what you have learned in your history notebook. Another option is to use the Medieval History Portfolio, Homeschool Journey.
  • Color and label an appropriate map such as the one from History Odyssey, Pandia Press, Level 2 (5th-8th grade).
  • Mark significant dates on your timeline.
  • Optional: Make a mosaic. Some ideas for projects can be found at Glittering ShardsMosaic Hanging Decorations...Artful DiscoveriesDick Blick, Byzantine Medallions

Chemistry: Multitude of Mixtures

We reviewed heterogeneous mixtures, suspensions and emulsions. We reviewed about homogeneous mixtures, solutions and about how water is the universal solvent. We reviewed about polar bonds, alloys, malleability, colloids, We reviewed separating mixtures and chromotography.

Co-op: (Fine Arts and Handicrafts) Drama and Crafts From the Past

We began rehearsing our play and made mini baskets.
They also blew out eggs...

and decorated them.

What We Are Reading

In the afternoons, we (Quentin, James and I) are reading history stories and the Bible. In the evenings, after dinner, Sam reads to the boys The Lightening Thief and Percy Jackson's Greek Gods. Before bed, I am finishing up with the little boys Black Horses for the King and Beowulf. Next we will be starting on The Shadow Spinner by Susan Fletcher and tales from 1001 Arabian Nights. Of course the play we are doing, The Keeper of the Tales, also is a collection of the Arabian Nights tales.

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  • Science on Sundays


  1. That's a great week. I hope Katie is on the mend. Mine use to get strep as little ones, quite regularly. Until their tonsils were removed. Have a blessed Sunday!

  2. Your week looks delightful! You are such a marvelous teacher.
    blessings, Dawn

  3. I want to try making a basket at some point, but haven't yet.
    I never knew nausea came with strep, for me it's always been sore throat. Oh, except for the time I got scarlet fever (which I found out is a variation of it) and had horrible spots all over.
    LOVE the werewolf Robin Hood picture.

  4. I hope everyone is feeling better soon. Those baskets look great!

  5. I'm sorry you are all feeling unwell. I do hope you all get better soon. My three year old had strep throat which developed to Scarlett Fever. Look after yourselves!

  6. Sorry you all were sick! Hope this week has been treating you guys better!

  7. I hope everyone is feeling better now. Strep throat is the worst!!! I love that you are learning about India. There is a free India exhibit at our museum. Wish I could poof you all here for a day of learning and FUN!!! I have password protected my blog for a bit. Please email me if you want the password. kakeiatbellsouth.net :)

  8. Lots of good things going on... homeschooling is busy, but such a blessing. :)

  9. Sorry that sickness visited your house. Strep throat can get very nasty! I hope Sam is enjoying Percy Jackson series. Both me and Anna were disappointed with the very last book in the second set, but the rest of them are really good!

    1. Sam has read, and enjoyed, the whole series. He is now just reading them to his little brothers. Although he admits that the last one was not as good, he still liked it.

  10. Here's to a healthier week #9!

  11. So sorry to hear that you are feeling under the weather! I hope everyone is feeling better this weekend!


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