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Summer Bucket List: Mini Shadowbox Summer Memories Fridge Magnets

We thought that making these Mini Shadowbox Fridge Magnets was a great way to spend Labor Day afternoon. The last of summer, and the last of our summer vacation is today, and so making these Mini Shadowboxes is a great way to preserve these summer memories.
You will need:
Magnets for the backs
E-6000 Adhesive or similar glue
photographs (wallet-sized)
Whatever trinkets, finds or other things you want to put in your shadowboxes

The first thing I did was print out an assortment of the best pictures from our summer vacation in wallet size.
Align your photos as you want them to look in the box. Cut out the photo and slide it into place in the tin. If you have a 2-inch circle punch, your pictures will turn out smoother against the edge, but we didn't want to invest in one, so we cut them freehand, and you can only tell when you look very closely.
Now, here comes the really creative part. Think of something that you could add to make the "shadowbox" three-dimensional effect. 
 This is Alex's shadowbox. He added a few pinches of sand from the beach, a couple small stones and shells and a few shark's teeth we found at the beach.
Sam's shadowbox is also a beach picture with sand.
For my shadowbox, I had to collage together this picture of the two most important women in my life...my daughter and my best friend (and sister-in-law). We went to a Japanese restaurant together and Katie gave the waiter a paper crane she had folded at the table while we waited for our meal. The waiter put it on the sushi bar counter for everyone to see. It was a great memory, so I included a tiny paper crane in my shadowbox.

Steven's shadowbox picture is of the Burnside Bridge at Antietam. He included some tiny stones that look like river rocks and some tiny paper soldiers to his shadowbox.
Quentin chose this picture of himself dressed in a civil war outfit with a flute. He hasn't decided what he is going to put in his yet, although he is thinking perhaps a plastic musical note.
Katie chose a picture of her relaxing at Cape Henlopen State Park Campground (center). She added some pine to her box because there were lots of pine trees at the beach campground.

When you are satisfied with what you have put in and that they come to the right level in the tin, apply a thin line of glue around the perimeter of the tin. Place the lid onto the tin, pressing down on all the edges. Allow the glue to dry and then the extra glue that squishes out of the sides of the tin will just peel off. Using a dab of glue, glue your magnet to the back of the tin. Once the glue is dry, you are done!


  1. Phyllis - This is a wonderful idea! We're still in the throes of unpacking, and settling in...but once things calm down a little more, I want to try this...maybe Christmas memory boxes? :)

  2. Those are wonderful and so cute!


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