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Medieval Timeline

 Usborne Encyclopedia of World History
Barbarian Invasions Begin
350 Huns migrate west from Asia, displacing Goths
360 Franks settle within the Roman Empire (Belgium)
367 Picts and Scots invade Celtic/Roman Britain

Barbarian Invasions: The Germanic Tribes
376 Visigoths and Ostrogoths migrate into the Roman Empire
378 Visigoths win battle near Constantinople
400 Vandals in Spain
408 Theodosius, Byzantine Emperor
410 Visigoths sack and capture Rome, Romans abandon Britain
432 St. Patrick
540 St. Benedict writes Benedictine Monastic Rule
446 Vortigern

Barbarian Invasions: Celtic Tribes
450 Celts push into Wales, Ireland and Brittany
452 Attila the Hun threatens to sack Rome
452 Saxons begin to dominate England
455 Vandals sack Rome
476 Ostrogoth Odoacer replaces the last Roman Emperor
481-511 Clovis
500 Possible date for King Arthur
527-565 Justinian, Byzantine Emperor
536 Belisarius reclaims southern Italy from the Ostrogoths
538 Completion of the Hagia Sophia
540 Codification of Laws in Byzantium, Justinian's Code
550 Saxons begins to dominate England
589-618 Sui Dynasty in China
597 St. Augustine brings Christianity to the Saxons

The Rise of Islam
610 Mohammed experiences his first vision
618-907 Tang Dynasty in China
622 The Hegira, Mohammed's flight from Mecca to Medina
630 Mohammed forms an Islamic State
636-642 Muslims take Palestine Syria, Persia and Egypt
673 Arabs sail into the sea of Marmora
678 Weapon called Greek Fire used against the Arabs
700 The Book of Kells
700-1600 Three Great African Kingdoms: Ghana, Mali and Songhai
711 Arabs invade Spain
714 -741 Charles Martel "the hammer", King of the Franks
716 Arabs attack Constantinople
730 The Venerable Bede, Ecclesiastical Historian
732 The Battle of Poitiers against Muslim raiders
751-768 Pepin the Short, King of the Franks
771 Charlemagne, King of the Franks
774 Northern Italy absorbed by the Franks
793 First Viking raid at Lindisfarne monastery

The Frankish Kingdom
800 Charlemagne is crowned Emperor by Pope Leo
828 Egbert, first King of England
843 Holy Roman Empire divided among Louis the Pius' three sons, Treaty of Verdun
858-1185 Fujiwara clan in Japan
860 Sts. Cyril and Methodius bring Christianity to the Slavs
862 Vikings settle in Novgorod and Kiev
869 Saint Cyril Develops the Cyrillic alphabet
870 Vikings settle in Iceland
871-901 Alfred the Great, Saxon king
888 Middle Kingdom of Lothair and East Frankish Kingdom united
906-1015 Prince Vladimir of Kiev, Russia
936-973 Otto I, King of Germany
960-1279 Song Dynasty in China
988 Conversion of Russia to Christianity begins
976-1026 Basil II, emperor of Byzantium
986 Eric the Red reaches Greenland
1000 Leif Ericson explores the coast of North America, Inuits trade with Vikings

The East Roman Empire/Byzantium
1000-1200 Romanesque style pf architecture dominates
1013 (Viking) Danes conquer all of England
1016 Canute elected King of England
1040-1098 Normans conquer Italy (from Byzantines) and Sicily (from Muslims)
1042-1066 Edward the Confessor, first Norman king of England
1054 Church splits into East (Orthodox) and West (Catholic)

The Holy Roman Empire, The Kingdom of France and The Kingdom of England
1066 Normans (Danes settled in France) conquer England, Battle of Hastings
1095-1291 The Crusades
1085 Christians take Toledo and begin Reconquest of Spain
1086 Completion of the Domesday Book
1087 William Rufus, king of England
1071 Jerusalem, in the Byzantine Empire, falls to the Seljuk Turks
1099 Crusaders capture Jerusalem
1100 Troubadour music; Henry I, king of England; gunpowder invented in China, The Rise of Towns
1135 Stephen, King of England
1138-1153 Civil War in England
1140 Gothic style of Architecture develops
1154--1189 Henry II, William the Conqueror's great grandson
1154 Eleanor of Aquitaine, France marries Henry II, Norman
1162 Thomas Beckett, Archbishop of Canterbury
1163 Notre Dame Cathedral
1167 Oxford University founded

Medieval Japan 
1185-1333 Kamakura Shogunate in Japan
1187 Saladin defeats the Crusaders and takes Jerusalem
1189 Richard I, King of England
1199 John, king of England
1200 Early Gothic style in England, Cambridge University founded
1200 Berbers, a nomadic tribe from the Sahara defeats Ghana
1204 -1259 City of Constantinople sacked and occupied by Norman Crusaders, Fourth Crusade, city occupied by western rulers
1215 King John signs the Magna Carta
1216 Henry III, king of England
1234-1279 Mongols conquer China
1271 Marco Polo journeys to China
1272 Edward I, king of England
1279-1368 Yuan Dynasty in China, Mali rises in power in Africa
1307 Edward II, king of England, Songhai Empire rises in Africa
1320 Gunpowder used
1327 Edward III, king of England
1337-1453 Hundred Years War
1347-1351 The Black Death or Bubonic Plague
1362 Piers the Plowman, poem in Middle English
1368-1644 Ming Dynasty
1377 Richard II, king of England
1386 Chaucer writes Canterbury Tales
1392-1600 Ashigawa Shogunate in Japan
1399 Henry IV, king of England
1413 Henry V, king of England
1422 Henry VI, king of England
1425 Limbourg brothers
1430 Modern English evolves
1431 Death of Joan the Arc
1453 Fall of Constantinople to the Ottoman Turks
1455 The War of the Roses
1492 End of Islamic Empire in Spain
1500 Byzantine church headquarters moved to Russia


  1. Amazing how much and how little has passed.

  2. Why I think I'll just steal this to give my kids some ideas of when things happened..... Or finally break down and buy some Usborne books.

    1. You really should. Your kids would love them. My boys look at them until they fall apart. :)


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