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Summer Bucket List: Make Watermelon Treat Packets

To make these summer-themed watermelon treat packets for your summer party or for treat packets for road trips...
you will need:
uncoated paper plates (I used Chinet Serving Platters)
red and green paints (I used tempera)
hot glue gun
 black sharpie

Paint inner circle of paper plate watermelon red, leaving ½” white space between the red and where you will put the green rind. 
Paint outer edge of paper plate greenLet dry.
Using black sharpie, paint seeds on red part.
You can add some white seeds with a crayon or oil pastel.
Fold paper plate in half, wiggling a little to get it even.

Holding it bent in half, stuff with goodies.

Apply hot glue to inside of one edge, gently squeeze edges together to close.

And here is the one my sister-in-law, Brenda made.

source: Watermelon Favors DIY at Oh, Happy Day!


  1. Oh, I bet they're going to enjoy opening these up when you do.

    1. Yes. I plan to give them to them as they get in the car. It should amuse them for a little while anyway.

  2. Love it!
    Blessings, Dawn


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