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"Let us strive to make each moment beautiful."
Saint Francis DeSales

Snapshot Summary, August 15-21:The August Break: Camp Bergenholtz, week 1

August 15-21
(Warning: this is a photo-intensive post.)

After Steven got off work Friday night, we all piled in the car and took off for Cedarville State Forest. We got there about 7:30 and Steven immediately put up the tent.

Saturday morning we drove to my sister-in-law, Brenda's house. We had a Picnic Lunch:

Zucchini crabcake sandwiches in pitas or on kaiser rolls and gfcf bread

Pepperoni pasta salad (gf pasta and keep some w/o pepperoni for Steven)

PB& J sushi and cherry butter & cream cheese sushi

Tie dye cake and Tie dye cookies, gfcf cookies and Tie Dye cupcakes

Chips and drinks

Brenda had made a straw decoration for Alex, which had a picture of his beach ball on it. She taught Alex how to play Bowling on her Atari. We tie-dyed T-shirts, but using a different method this time. These went into plastic bags to cure overnight. Brenda gave us a table decoration that we could take with us to the places that we go during camp this year. She made using shells that she and my brother, Phil had gathered some years before. Brenda gave us all presents and Quentin gave her one, too. Katie received a shirt with origami cranes on it!

While the boys went back to the camp for a campfire dinner...

the girls went to a Japanese restaurant, Nagoya.

Best Friends!
Notice the origami crane in the lower left-hand corner. Katie made the waiter a origami crane, of course, (she always does at every restaurant she goes) which the waiter put on the sushi counter.
The next day we revealed our new tie-dyed T-shirts.
Then we went to Anne Marie Gardens for a Picnic Lunch:

Mediterranean salad

Assorted sandwiches/wraps-- turkey, ham, cheese, Oxford, with veggies on each kind

Tie dye cake and cookies and gfcf cookies and Tie dye cupcakes

Chips and drinks

After the picnic, we explored the Anne Marie Sculpture Garden and Arts Center grounds, which included a maze and gnome houses and the special exhibit on Mariner's woolies.

Then, we went on to the Calvert Marine Museum where we explored the Drum Point Lighthouse and enjoyed Bubbles and Squeak, the resident otters. We picked up take-out Mexican for dinner and stopped by the Candy Store (Old Town Candy Company), and then back to Brenda's for the evening.

On Monday, we left Cedarwood State Park and drove to Harper's Ferry, in which we looped through Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia (adding West Virginia to the states we have visited.)

We then headed to our next campsite, The Treehouse Camp at Maple Tree Campground. The cabin is actually built around the trunk of a tree. After a dinner of chili-cheese dogs and sausages, we made s'mores around the campfire.
 After breakfast at the campsite the next day, we went on to Antietam National Battlefield. We went to a lecture in the observation room and Quentin became the helper. We had lunch at Red Robin (where there are two kinds of vegetarian burgers and gluten-free buns!)
Dunker Church

Sunken Road (Bloody Lane)

Burnside Bridge

 Dinner back at the camp.
Inside the Treehouse.
The next day, on our way out, we stopped by Gathland/South Mountain

We then went on...
before heading back to Brenda's house.
Today we just went from Brenda's house back home. 

We unloaded the car, attended to chores, restocked supplies and rested up for week 2 of Camp Bergenholtz.


  1. I'm exhausted just reading about week 1 of camp! :-) I love all of the things you packed into a week. I was taking mental notes because we will making a trip to Virginia in October to do lots of historical stuff.

    I'm thankful for you, Phyllis. Thanks for linking!

  2. WOWZA that is some camping. We love to camp. Nothing like bringing the family together under the stars to make you feel so blessed! LOVE the shirts and need that Zucchini Crab Cake recipe please 8)

  3. Love the photos. Looks like a wonderful time!!

  4. Phyllis what an incredible week. It looks like you all had the best time. I love the Tshirts and have never heard of doing them that way. Brenda sounds amazing and I'm so glad you had such a fun week. I would love to walk across Burnside Bridge!! That treehouse cabin is lovely too. I'm so glad you got to get away and enjoy your family. I love all the pictures. :)

  5. Wow, Phyllis! You guys look incredibly busy for a "break." LOL Love all the pictures, but especially the ones at Antietam.

  6. It looks like a great Camp so far. I am rather jealous of your ability to go to all of those National parks and monuments being on the East coast. Everything is so spread out here, that it's a bit harder to go to places like that.

  7. Wow! I am amazed at how much fun you were able to pack into your week! I'm so glad you guys were able to enjoy such a beautiful vacation!

  8. I love all your photos. It's such a wonderful idea to have a family summer camp. I love the top picture of your sister in law and your son. Lovely.

  9. So busy! What fun!

  10. What great memories you are creating! The tie-dyed T-shirts are so vibrant, too!


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