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Not Back To School Blog Hop: My Curriculum, 2014-2015


Language Arts

James/Quentin (7/5) The Logic of English: Essentials
Sam (11) Composition I: IEW Student Writing Intensive Level C

Social Studies


James/Quentin (7/5) Medieval History: History Portfolio, Write From Medieval History Level II, Usborne's Medieval World

Sam (11) Government
We will be building our own curriculum for this. I will post our lessons as we do them. 


10 Days In Europe Game

James/Quentin (7/5) European Geography: 10 Days in Europe, 
GeoPuzzle Europe, map drills


Product Details
James/Quentin (7/5) Combination of the second half of Apologia's General Science and Elementary Human Biology
General Health (5, 7 and 11)


Algebra 2 Teaching Textbook
Sam (11) Algebra II: Teaching Textbooks
James (7) Pre-Algebra: Learn Math Fast 
Quentin (5) Middle School Math: Learn Math Fast


Sam (11) ACT Preparation, French I and Driver's Education


  1. I look forward to watching your year unfold.
    Blessings, Dawn

    1. I look forward to seeing yours, too!

  2. We're prepping for the SAT and working hoping to take driver's tests (one or two) before the end of the school year, too. Once again, wishing you lived closer :)

  3. How do you like Teaching Textbooks? I've looked at them once or twice, but wasn't really sure about them.

    1. I really like it. Sam does much better if he hears it as well as sees it, so he does well with the computer aspect of it. James has very low auditory comprehension, so he doesn't do so well with the computer part, but I think he will do well with me working with him through the book. I like the fact that the kids get immediate feedback with the computer, so they don't get off on the wrong trail and have to back up and start over if they don't get a concept the first time. I also like the fact that the grading is automatically done... less work for me!


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