Home School Life Journal From Preschool to High School

Home School Life Journal ........... Ceramics by Katie Bergenholtz
"Let us strive to make each moment beautiful."
Saint Francis DeSales

"There are 104 days of summer vacation..."

"So what are we going to do today?"
  1. Summer Tea Time
  2. Solar S'mores Maker
  3. Foil Creations
  4. Play games and make crafts at the beach.
  5. You don't have to make complicated plans...make something from a craft kit.
  6. Make Birds and then race them! 
  7. Make Bird Puppets.                 
  8. Make Fuse Bead Art                 
  9. Make and string Sculpy Beads.                 
  10. Have a dinosaur dig.                           
  11. Make clothes pin dolls or figures. 
  12. Tie Dye T-shirts..                                                                       
  13. Make a windsock.                              
  14. Make a miniature fairy house.                             
  15. Make homemade stickers.          
  16. Make Dream Catchers.                     
  17. Take a firefly walk.                        
  18. Make a balloon rocket.             
  19. Make a giant bubble wand.      
  20. Make stilts out of coffee cans.                 
  21. Make sponge comets. 
  22. Climb trees.                               
  23. Make root beer floats.                          
  24. Make a zoom ball.                    
  25. Play Pooh Sticks.                       
  26. Make some slime.                                           
  27. Make some Gak.                                    
  28. Make twig and maple seed dragonflies. 
  29. Make bubble painting wrapping paper. 
  30. Make ladybug cookies.               
  31. Make juice box boats.              
  32. Make a beach memory keeper. 
  33. Make a firefly lantern and play firefly games. 
  34. Make potato prints on fabric.      
  35. Make a campfire sundae. 
  36. Make homemade ice cream in a baggie. 
  37. Make a sand bucket treat.                    
  38. Have fun with washable tattoos.
  39. Make a DIY Gem mine.           
  40. Make a mini mint garden dessert. 
  41. Operation Rescue Super Heroes     
  42. Make magic color-changing drinks. 
  43. Fizzy Explosion Bags                        
  44. (Almost All) Indoor Campout
  45. Butterflies for Lunch                 
  46. Watermelon Shark                   
  47. Watermelon Slushie                 
  48. Play Kick-the-Can and make ice cream at the same time!  
  49. Berries and Chocolate Teatime (or dessert) 
  50. Watermelon Pie                                                      
  51. Watermelon Waffles                
  52. Ice Cube Boats                         
  53. Summer Cloud Parfaits                 
  54. Ivory Soap Cloud                      
  55. Puddleicious Raining Cloud Cupcakes 
  56. Baby Bel Umbrellas                 
  57. Glitter Galaxy Playdough          
  58. Neighborhood Photo Scavenger Hunt 
  59. Banana Split Bites                     
  60. Make Marbled Paper with Shaving Cream 
  61. Make Bejeweled Goblets             
  62. Suminagashi: Paper Marbling   
  63. Tea Bag Rocket                                                   
  64. Make a lightbulb light up in the microwave. 
  65. Torn Paper Landscapes                            
  66. Eric Carle-style Collage Art                  
  67. Make and sail cucumber (or zucchini) boats.
  68. Have an exotic fruit tasting.
  69. Take a trip to a foreign grocery store. 
  70. Make a strawberry fizz drink.
  71. Make an orange cream float.
  72. Sandcastle Treat                       
  73. Watermelon Cake                    


  1. Okay! The Solar s'mores....we have to try that down here. Very cool!!! And I like the updated photos of y'all on the bottom of your blog. They are growing so fast.

  2. There are some great ones here we'll need to check out. I've missed a few of them!

  3. Your guys are so little in the tin can stilts picture.

  4. You are the most fun mom ever. I love all of these ideas!

    I hope you guys are having a great summer!

  5. What a fantastic list of ideas! Thanks for sharing, I'll be bookmarking it!


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