"Let us strive to make each moment beautiful."

"Let us strive to make each moment beautiful."
Saint Francis DeSales

Memorial Day: Summer Bucket List 2014

My younger boys are reaching that age in which they are beginning to be too old for some of the things I had planned to do with them. With this thought in mind, I am working on a "So what are we going to do today?" list to give us something fun to do every day of summer vacation, with some extras to give us some choices. For some of these things, it might be my last chance! I will keep adding to the list as I come up with new ideas, so check back from time to time.
  1. Create a family adventure journal to record the summer
  2. Do some chalk pastels projects
  3. Have a 17th birthday party for Sam
  4. Have a sleepover on the trampoline
  5. Make watermelon sorbets in lime shells
  6. Go roller-skating
  7. Go Bowling
  8. Go to the Farmer's market
  9. Have a first day of summer party
  10. Make sunprints
  11. Write messages in note cards stick them in balloons and send them off
  12. Play with Zentangles
  13. Go to the Ocean beach
  14. Send 13 oz. or less mail
  15. Go to the water park
  16. Go fishing
  17. Make/Go on a Scavenger hunt
  18. Go to Sonic for half-priced shakes
  19. Go stargazing or watch a meteor shower...if there is one this summer.
  20. Give each child a disposable camera and a blank book and tell them to document their life for a week..or two
  21. Practice wood carving
  22. Make a kaleidoscope
  23. Make Tie dye T-shirts
  24. Play games in the backyard
  25. Make an art journal
  26. Play volleyball at the beach
  27. Make bottlecap necklaces
  28. Catch fireflies
  29. Have a pizza party with a Make-Your-Own Pizza bar and a Make-Your-Own Fruit Pizza bar for dessert
  30. Go to a museum (Air Mobility Command Museum)
  31. Play with balloons
  32. Go to a National park...Jr. Ranger program?
  33. Crack marbles in the oven, and perhaps make jewelry out of them
  34. Go to the zoo (Plumpton Park Zoo)
  35. Make hemp cord bracelets
  36. See fireworks
  37. Have a picnic on the beach
  38. Have a 20th birthday party for Alex
  39. Fly in a plane with Young Eagles
  40. Drive-in movie or Movie night
  41. Go camping
  42. Preserve a spider web
  43. Make an origami boat
  44. Make bread clay
  45. Go to China town or Little Italy?
  46. Have a bonfire
  47. Go swimming
  48. Send a message in a bottle
  49. Light a dandelion on fire
  50. Take photos from a photo booth
  51. Make indestructible bubbles
  52. Go on a biking trail
  53. Make a kite
  54. Fly a kite
  55. Teach Sam and Katie how to drive
  56. Go to a restaurant with a group of friends
  57. Go Puddle jumping
  58. Make homemade ice cream
  59. Find a four leaf clover
  60. Sleep under the stars
  61. Buy an underwater camera and take photos
  62. Build sandcastles
  63. Take easels down to the beach and paint
  64. Make freezer paper stencils
  65. Make a leaf bowl
  66. Make walking sticks
  67. Make tin box scene magnets for the fridge from a mint's tin
  68. Make homemade cookies using a new recipe
  69. Have a cookies and milk bar with pink milk, banana milk, chocolate milk, vanilla milk....
  70. Glo-stick hide and seek
  71. Go on nature walks
  72. Make tin can lanterns
  73. Make a beachy picture frame
  74. Make a gift for friends
  75. Make balloon and sand juggling balls
  76. Play games at the beach
  77. Make macrame candle holders and hang them. Light them at night.
  78. Transfer pictures to tiles
  79. Have a cake decorating party
  80. Make Scandinavian Shaved Wood Ornaments for Christmas in July
  81. Have a waffle bar
  82. Make beaded spiders
  83. Make handmade soap with shells, etc. in them
  84. Make beach sand candles
  85. Make shell prints 
  86. Create a backyard sign of places we've traveled to.
  87. Camp in a yurt
  88. Make floating candles
  89. Make glue batik
  90. Go letterboxing
  91. Make our own personalized mugs with Sharpies
  92. Take a moonlit walk in PJ's
  93. Have a backyard campout
  94. Doodle on rocks
  95. Do pendulum painting
  96. Paint with condensed milk
  97. Put in and attend to a vegetable garden
  98. Have a garden party...eat dinner outside
  99. Make a firepit
  100. Make an outdoors pulley
  101. Make a bamboo wind chime
  102. Make a waterwall
  103. Make a pond in a barrel
  104. Get snowcones from an ice cream truck at the beach
  105. Make a sand pile and a rock pile in the backyard
  106. Spray Garden stones with glow in the dark paint so that they will glow at night 
  107. Make a backyard chalkboard
  108. Start a collection and keep it all summer
  109. Play with ice when it is hot
  110. Raise silkworms
  111. Let paper lanterns go
  112. Take a summer park tour of all the parks in the area and have popcorn in the park one day and do science experiments at the park another day. Leave coins on the playground for children to find after we are gone.
  113. Make a bean teepee or a sunflower house
  114. Play with sidewalk chalk
  115. Go strawberry picking
  116. Celebrate James 13 1/2 birthday
  117. Paint with marbles
  118. Go to a pet shop just for fun
  119. Make a tin can howler
  120. Make a fort in the woods or backyard
  121. Go to a Renaissance Fair
  122. Go to a Western Themed park
  123. Have a tea time taste test
  124. Play games with rocks...how many can we come up with?
  125. Make a hovercraft
  126. Learn screenprinting
  127. Make floating boat luminaries to float at night
  128. Make wire sculptures
  129. Get a dog
  130. Eat at a real diner.
  131. Make Alcohol Ink Drink Coasters
  132. Make a watermelon print summer table cloth.
  133. Make shrinky-dink rings
  134. Do textured coloring
  135. Make plaster dipped flowers
  136. Make lavender wands
  137. Make beach houses with shell roofs
  138. Make an embroidered painting
  139. Eat Popsicles IN the swimming pool.
  140. Become acquainted with three local birds.
  141. Go on an “Early Bird” adventure. Get up at the crack of dawn, stay dressed in PJs for a sunrise picnic breakfast and walk on the beach.
  142. Go on one-on-one adventures with each child. Have them pick the destination.
  143. Catch frogs.
  144. How many different natural places can we go this summer? Streams, fields, mountains, ponds....
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  1. As always, that is one impressive list! I hope you have the opportunity to do as many as your heart's desire :)

  2. How fun! I love "Get a Dog" ! :)

  3. What a grand list!!!! Next week is our finals week and the temps have already hit 90 here, so summer is just around the corner for us. I better start working on our summer bucket list!

    1. Already in the 90's? Wow!

  4. Well, you had me up until #134! You have an awesome list. It looks like you have a fun summer of exploring, adventuring, and celebrating ahead. Thanks for sharing at the party again this year!
    Kelly at Little Wonders' Days

    1. Yes, that one threw a lot of people! LOL We have been wanting one for awhile now, but puppies are hard to find in our area, especially if you want a mutt.

  5. I'm trying to decide if we're going to do a summer bucket list this year, at the rate we're going we'll still be finishing up school in July.

    1. Yes, I think we will be finishing up that late, too, but we will throw in some summer fun each week as well.

  6. I like the last one on the list - would be fun to see your photos if you do get a dog.

  7. Oh my, I'm feeling the need for a little nap just reading your list!! Goodness! I hope you all enjoy doing and then crossing off each one on the list!

  8. This list is full of so much Summer goodness! In fact I copy and pasted it to Word and added some and took away some. LOVE THIS!!!

  9. That is a great list. I think my list includes things like find a house, buy furniture, unpack, etc. I do hope we can include some fun things as well.

  10. Wow, I'm impressed that you have a list! I have one thing currently on my summer list . . . prepare for my summer volunteer trip to Cambodia. There are probably 100 things to do on that list!

  11. Hi Phyllis! Wonderful! I am as well inspired to make my own list :) Goodluck!

  12. You are going to get a dog? This is by itself is a multi-day summer project! Love your list. And, yes, things change as our kids get older...

  13. Just checking in. I haven't seen a post from you for awhile. I miss you and hope things are gong great!!

  14. Setting a dandelion on fire is on our list, too - we're just waiting for the dandelion bouquet in our kitchen windowsill to go to seed, and we're good to go :)

  15. Love this list!!!! Saving some of these amazing ideas for when the grandbaby is here.

  16. What a great list, I just might have to steal a few of these ideas ;)

  17. Oh you are checking things off already. We better get moving!

  18. That is an awesome list! I think I'll have to borrow this idea to keep the "I'm bored" comments at bay.


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