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Our Homeschool Weekly Report, week 32, May 16-22 Once Upon a Time

May 16-22
"Once Upon a Time" went off without a hitch.
The kids were great, the audience was great and the reporter interviewed pretty much the whole cast.

We learned that theater can teach much more than just a fine art. It teaches...
Abstract Thinking
Creative Thinking 
Public Speaking
Boost Self-Confidence 
Accepting Constructive Critique 
Boosts Literacy /Social Skills
Boosts Math Skills 
Develops Empathy

On our way home from the show, we stopped off at our local Rita's for a treat, and just as we ordered our desserts, fireworks began at the local college. Graduation was the next day and they were setting off celebratory fireworks, and we had great seats to see the show.
In addition to the show, we had two field trips this week.
The first one was to Plumpton Park Zoo, a small locally owned zoo. We went with a few of our friends families. It was a gorgeous day, and we all had a very fun time.
 The second field trip we took was to the Air Mobility Command Museum at Dover Air Force Base with our homeschool group. Our guide was wonderful and we learned a lot.
Afterwards our family stopped off at the Hollywood Diner for dinner. It is an actual diner from the 1950's and the kids had a ball!
With all this going on, we only had two days of regular schoolwork.
week 32


from Probability with Two Colors

We worked on the concepts of probability, statistics and graphing. We have worked on these concepts before (with dice, with coin flipping and probability with four variables and Graphing.)


Grammar Review

  1. A verb agrees with its subject in number (singular or plural) and person (First, Second or Third). Give the correct verb forms for the following sentences. (Supply sentences from their history and science texts.)
  2. Fill in the blanks with the correct verb forms. (Supply sentences from their history and science texts.)
  3. Negative contractions must be carefully punctuated. An apostrophe takes the place of the missing letter(s). Fill in the blanks with correct contractions. Notice that these are all Emphatic Present Tense. (Supply sentences from their history and science texts.)


Ancient Rome: The Republic


We added events to our timeline.
Punic Wars
Beginning of the Social War


We read about who was important during this time. We read mainly from Famous Men of Rome. They made a notebook page, writing down what they had learned.

Regulus and Scipio Africanus
Cato the Censor, The Gracchi
Pompey the Great


We added place names to our map.

The Pillars of Hercules


Make a Roman Arch that works! No glue!
We learned about many aspects of the way Romans lived. We focused on engineering and building.  We began reading City: A Story of Roman Planning and Construction by David MacaulayWe planned to make an arch and an aqueduct, but time got away from us. Hopefully we will complete them next week.

Latin Roots

This week their Latin roots study included pono, positum, which means lay, put or place; cum, which means with or together; figo, fixum which means fix, fasten or attach; jungo, junctum which means join, unite or connect and digitus, which means finger, toe and inch.


  1. What an eventful week! Sounds like you all had a wonderful time.

  2. I can't wait to read your aqueduct or your arch projects, that sounds great.

    I forget have I recommended the History of Rome podcast to you yet?

  3. Very nice write-up in the paper. It sounds like the kids did a fantastic job.

  4. I love seeing everything you and the kids do each week. It must have been a zoo week because we went to the zoo and a few other homeschoolers I know did as well (throughout the country)!

  5. Looks like you've got a bunch of happy actors there! How exciting to be in the paper!

  6. The play sounds amazing. How wonderful to see all your hard work come to fruition! Well done everyone!


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