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Our Homeschool Weekly Report, April 25-May 1, week 30: The One with the All Day Rehearsal

April 25-May 1

week 30

Fine Arts

Drama Class Production

We had our first dress rehearsal for Once Upon a Time, a fractured-fairy tale story that the students in my drama class wrote.


Decimals and Proportions

This week the boys worked on decimals and proportions. We mainly worked from our Learn Math Fast System books, but we did do a few hands-on projects. We completed an activity graphing colors from a bag of Skittles and then writing them in decimals, fractions and percents. We also worked on figuring out the proportions of sugar in soda, candy and various other things around the house. I had also planned to do an activity on the proportions of a Barbie doll and what she would look like if she was as tall as a fourth grader, but we didn't get to that one.


Grammar Review

We reviewed our grammar work this week and also worked on writing directions and the elements of a story. Here are our review questions.
  1. Explain how each noun is used in the following sentences (Sentences taken from their history and science texts.)
  2. Punctuate the following possessives correctly (taken from their texts).
  3. Use the following noun (supplied from text) in six separate sentences, as a...
    1. subject 
    2. direct object
    3. indirect object
    4. predicate noun
    5. possessive
    6. appositive


Ancient Rome: Early Rome and the Monarchy

We studied so many things this week. We have done narrations, copywork, worked on timelines and maps about early Roman history. We also made an olive oil lamp.

Latin Roots

This week we learned sonus, which means sound, video and visum which mean see, verbum, which means word and nomen and nominis which mean name. We looked at English words that come from these Latin roots.

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  1. Your homeschool is always so deep and rich. I really like your study of grammar.... what curriculum do you use?

    I got your comment about CC and memorizing. I have been amazed to watch some LD kids with memorizing challenges learn a lot of the memory work - because it is presented in so many different ways. In Challenge -- you are right - a brain for memorizing does really help, though, and I'm fortunate both of my kids can do that well.

    I love homeschool because we can do what works for our kids... and when I read your blog I am always reminded of that fact! And yes -- I am keeping on with Collage Friday.

    Hugs to you, Phyllis!

  2. I make up my own grammar curriculum, using sentences from their history and science texts. I do use a few books to refer to... mainly Simply Grammar by Karen Andreola and Basic Language Principles with Latin Background by Ruth Wilson.

  3. Another great week. At some point I really should sit down and write down all we get done like you just did, and then I'd probably be a lot more sanguine about what we're doing.....

  4. Drama class looks like lots of fun!

    I like how you do math - hands-on is such a fun way to learn.

  5. I love all of the wonderful ways you teach. The drama class looks like so much fun.
    Blessings, Dawn

  6. I'm not sure how I missed this post, but I did. Sigh.
    It looks like a full week of learning like always. I'm slightly envious of your home school group, we just do not have anything like that near enough to where we live to go to. It always looks so much fun!

    1. We just started this homeschool group last fall. We started out with three families and found a place (a local church) to meet. We now have six families, and we might get more families next year. You can start out small.

  7. The dress rehearsal looks amazing! Jeremiah has been testing this week and I've noticed a weakness in Language Arts and reading comprehension. I'm not that surprised because he does not like to read. It's something we'll be working on with greater purpose though!

  8. Love the energy that I see in their play!!


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