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"Let us strive to make each moment beautiful."
Saint Francis DeSales

Our Homeschool Weekly Report, April 18-24 Easter

April 18-24, 2014
 We had some spring-like weather this week.

 Easter was lovely. The kids opened their baskets in the morning.
 They dyed eggs.
Aren't they pretty?
 In the afternoon they had an Easter egg hunt at a local park, Turner's Creek.

Then there was Easter dinner. I took a couple of pictures of the table early before dinner but then I forgot to take pictures once dinner was on the table, so I took a couple of pictures after dinner was over. We had both lamb and turkey this year.
silhouette reading lamp
In addition to Easter, the most exciting thing that happened this week was meeting with the folks from our local theater, in which we worked out the details for our drama class using the theater for our final production. It means that I will have to re-block the whole play, pretty much, but it is worth it for the students to have the experience of working on a real stage. No pictures this week, but I hope to have some for you next week.
This was the last week for our co-op for this school year and we had a pizza party to celebrate. Our group will still be working on the play for the next few weeks and we will taking field trips and other activities during the summer months.
For Earth Day, Steven, Katie, James and Quentin participated in a Community Service project of Cleaning up Betterton Beach.
Because of the warm weather, the youngest boys have taken to going outside, setting up Civil War scenes and photographing them.
Week 29
This week was nothing unusual in terms of our table work. In math we worked on decimals and percents. In English we worked on Indirect Objects and Story Elements. In science, we are finishing up our constellation study for now. We may revisit it during the different seasons, but we are finished with the spring constellations. We are still working on finishing our Greek alphabet study and will begin Latin with our Ancient Rome studies.


Ancient Greece: Macedonia and Hellenistic Greece,  323-31 BC

We finished up Ancient Greece with a study of Philip II of Macedonia and Alexander the Great.
We also finished our study of Ancient Greece with a feast.

 This time around, we tried to research Ancient Greek eating habits and foods as opposed to modern Greek recipes. 
Quentin gave us each a hero to be and drew out invitations to a hero's banquet.
Now we are ready to go on to Ancient Rome...

Greek Roots

In their study of Greek roots, this week the boys learned thermos which means heat, zoon which means animal, biblos which means book and sauros which means lizard.


Southern Africa

We finished up Southern Africa with a Malva Pudding and vanilla ice cream.

In the Kitchen

365 Days of Kale: Go get some!

I have been continuing to enjoy eating lots of kale and trying out new ways to serve kale. We enjoyed Citrus Kale Salad, a spring salad with oranges, toasted almonds and fennel. The original recipe calls for blood oranges and although I knew they would cost more, I decided to see how much they would cost. I was absolutely astonished to see that blood oranges were priced at $10.00 each at my grocery store! Needless to say, we used regular oranges, although I will add a tangerine as well the next time I make it. We also tried Toasted Walnut Pasta, which is a whole wheat pasta dish with whatever vegetables you would like to use (I used zucchini, carrot slivers, onion and of course, kale), olive oil and toasted walnuts. I loved both dishes and would definitely have them again.

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  7. Yay for the opportunity to perform on stage! Looks like a beautiful Easter too! We are also enjoying the warmer weather and chance to play outside:) Love that your boys are setting up Civil War scenes to photograph.

  8. Those soldier photos are great. They look so realistic. We've never dyed eggs but yours look so pretty we will have to try it. It looks like you had a lovely Easter.

  9. A very belated happy Easter! It looks like you had an incredible time.

  10. Looks like you had a lovely Easter. The eggs are pretty! We always have a pickle and olive tray for holidays too. Never at any other time of the year though. Funny how we save some foods for certain occasions or seasons isn't it? I love the Civil War scenes. I used to do stuff like that when I was little! I also love how much you guys get out in the fresh air! I'm stealing your Ryan Gosling picture!


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