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"Let us strive to make each moment beautiful."
Saint Francis DeSales

Our Homeschool Weekly Report, February 7-13, week 21 Beginning of Study of Ancient Greece

February 7-13

Ancient Greece: The Minoans

This week we read about the Minoans, their frescoes, their bull jumping, the myth of Theseus and the Minotaur as well as the legend of Atlantis.

Greek Language

The boys started their lessons in Koine Greek using Greek Alphabet Code Cracker by Christopher Perrin. This is perfect for my spy-loving code crackers, for it treats the Greek alphabet as if it were a code to be broken to figure out the clues to a simple spy mission. The book also has 8 units and we plan to be studying the Ancient Greeks for 9 weeks, so it works out perfectly. We worked on the first five letters, alpha to epsilon.
We also learned the Greek root words photos, which means light, graph, which means to write or to draw, tele, which means far away or distant, and metron which means measure. They had a lot of fun putting them together and making new words.

The Olympics

With the winter Olympics and our study of Ancient Greece coinciding, I had to take a bit of time to study this as well. We began this week with how the Olympics began and what they were like then.

Greek Myths and Famous Men of Greece

We began reading D'Aulaires' Book of Greek Myths and I am using Cheryl Lowe's Teacher's Guide. This week we read about the Titans. We are also reading Famous Men of Greece (Greenleaf Press) and I am asking them some of the questions from the Teacher's Guide.  This week we read about Theseus.

The Constellations

Since many of the constellations were named after characters in Greek myths, I thought that a study of the constellations simultaneous to the study of Greece would be interesting. We began with Orion.

Geography: Northern Africa: Morocco

We finished up our study of North Africa by celebrating with a Morrocan dinner. We had Moroccan butternut squash and chickpea stew with couscous. Steven and I loved it, but the kids didn't so much.

English Grammar

We reviewed some of what we have been working on before our holiday break:
  • Name the three ways of expressing the Present Tense.
  • Give the Present Tense of the verb "to be."
  • How do you recognize an English Infinitive?

Math: Fractions

Quentin and James worked on fractions this week. Quentin worked on equivalent fractions and began adding and subtracting fractions.James related fractions to decimals and practiced converting improper fractions and multiplying fractions

What Else Did We Do This Week?

This has been a busy week for us. On Tuesday all four boys went to the dentist.
Steven took Katie, James, Sam and Quentin roller skating with friends.

He does his work on the computer while they eat lunch and skate.
Drama class
Co-op classes went well this week.
Art class

Nature Crafts class
We had a field trip planned to the Air Mobility Command Museum in Dover, Delaware, but it had to be cancelled due to snow, sleet and the like. We will reschedule it for next month.
Also, this coming weekend is The Great Backyard Bird Count.

Phil playing mancala with Katie, April 2013.

Update on my Brother

The physicians, and there is a whole team of pulmonologists and cardiologists, can not figure out what is wrong with my brother. They only know that his lungs are not working as they should on the molecular level. They have also said that his lungs, instead of being soft and pliable are like cement. He is still on the Ec-Mo (heart-lung machine) and is sedated. We are asking for continued prayer on his behalf, and for his wife, who has been a wonderful champion in my book. I plan to visit him this weekend despite the fact that he is sedated and probably will not know I am there. It all brings up for me the importance of cherishing each moment you have with your loved ones and the importance of making time for them.



  1. Phyllis -- I have been praying for your brother. You are right - this does bring up the importance of cherishing each and every moment. Life is so short.

  2. My children would have been with yours on the butternut squash dish - but they would have loved the roller skating :) I'm thankful for the update, but sorry for the bad report on your brother - I'm glad you're going to visit him.

  3. Another lovely week Phyllis. All your history activities make me drool! You just do the coolest things! Are you doing a play in Drama? I am looking for a simple one. Prayers still going up for Phil. Happy Love Day friend!

  4. I'm sending positive thoughts for your brother and hope they resolve it soon.

    Your week looks great! I especially love the look of the meal, and the "code breaker" language unit. Can I send my kids to be homeschooled at your house?! :)

  5. What a wonderful week and how great that your ancient Greece studies match up with the Olympics. Prayers for your visit and for healing for Phil!

  6. We are praying for your brother. I hope they figure it out soon. It looks like the rest of your week was great.
    Blessings, Dawn

  7. Love and prayers to your brother and sister in law. I hope they figure something out soon. Our time on earth is so precious and short, we need to make the most of all chances we get, and even if he is unaware of your being there you will know, and that's what matters <3

  8. My boys would probably love the code breaker aspect as well.

    Thanks for the update on your brother, I'll keep praying for him.

  9. The Greek Alphabet Code Cracker book looks so neat. I'm going to pin it and hope I remember it when we get to more Greek studies. I agree with the kids that the food doesn't look so good ;).

  10. So sorry about your brother. I love your admonition to cherish each moment we have. Praying he is well again soon.

    The Moroccan dish looks fabulous!

  11. My heart and prayers go out to your brother, and all those who love him.

  12. I know I'm not around much at the moment, but I am praying for your family as God brings you and your son and brother to mind. How are things now - I do hope they have improved a little (or better still a lot) Take care, Phyllis.

  13. Thanks for the heads up on the Greek code book. I'm checking it out now. I love ancient studies, I really do need to teach my son about modern history, but just can't seem to get there ;)
    Prayers for brother and family.

  14. Our prayers are with your family and brother. I still love everything you do with your children. You are such an inspiration!

  15. Such hard times. We are thinking about you and your brother.

  16. I am continuing to pray as well!!

  17. I am continuing to pray too for peace, blessings, and healing!


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