Inspired by Sam's Lego Quest, (which is no longer active), I wanted to start a
weekly Lego challenge 
that kids can do and you can link up to. 
Each challenge's linky will be open for a whole year, so you can link up to any challenge at any time! 
You can write a separate post for the challenge or you can just add the photo of your child's entry for the challenge to a weekly wrap-up post.

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Lego Challenge #52: THE FINAL ONE: Birthday Cake
Well, we have made it a full year of Lego challenges. To celebrate the one year mark, I thought I would put up a birthday cake challenge. Can you make a birthday cake or a slice of birthday cake to celebrate the Lego challenges being up for one year?
Lego Challenge #1 will be ending in a few days and then the Lego challenge linkies will end, one at a time each week, so if you want to link up, be sure to check them out soon. 

Here are other Lego Challenges You Can Do:
With the photo of your child's creation, please give your child's age, what country (or, if the the US, what state) you are from and anything your child wants to say about his or her creation.


  1. My almost 9 year old wants a Minecraft birthday so I'm going to challenge him to make a Minecraft cake! He has a ton of legos, but hasn't really gotten into them yet, like my older boys were. This would be fun!

  2. This is super cute! What a fun challenge!


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