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"Let us strive to make each moment beautiful."
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Our Weekly Homeschool Report, January 17-23, week 18, Half-way Through!

January 17-23

In preparation for our homeschool group's History and Geography Fair on January 30, we have been working pretty exclusively this week on Ancient Egypt and Northern Africa.
 They made sarcophagi to hold the Fruity Pharaohs, which are still in the works, or natron to be more specifically.
 I spray painted boxes we got at Michael's and they were left to decorate them as they wished. They used Sculpy, plastic jewels and paint, as well as other things they found around the house.

 They also made cartouches from Sculpy.
 They used a skewer to sketch in their hieroglyphs...
 and then after they were baked, they inked in the grooves.
They made them into necklaces when they were finished.

Quentin made his headpiece.

Code of Hammurabi
Sam has been researching and writing about the Code of Hammurabi. The Code was based on the principle of equivalent retaliation (lex talionis). Sam chose a few laws in effect currently
in the US and looked up the prescribed penalties for breaking these laws. He then compared and contrasted these laws with corresponding decrees of Hammurabi's Code.

Math and English

It was review week in math and English.

What else did we do this week?
We had lots of snow, so we didn't go to co-op this week.
James made many things with Legos.
 Quentin did a lot of play-acting.
Katie made lots of delicious meals. This is the Hawaiian Barbecue Chicken before it went into the oven.

 She made Pineapple-Shrimp Fried Rice and served it in pineapple halves...
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  1. Katie is becoming quite the cook! Those all look delicious.

  2. Dragon noodles sounds yummy! It's supposed to be below freezing today and there's a small chance we'll get snow. Very small, but everyone here is excited.

  3. Yum! Katie's food looks amazing!

    Your Egyptian activites look wonderful! We just started our Egypt studies and will be doing some of these in the coming weeks.

    Your post reminds me... I need to get some gold paint. ;)

  4. I think I just found my meal of tomorrow - that Hawaiian Barbecue chicken looks absolutely delicious. Love Lego creations too!

  5. Oh my goodness what learning! And I personally love how a homeschool fair helps us to get moving on projects - such fun to have a goal to work towards. Plus I love all the regular many a thing with LEGOS and play acting...

  6. Love the boxes, the necklaces, and the headbands. Your boys are so creative! I pinned the Hawaiian BBQ, adding that to my weekly list I think :).

  7. Food looks and sounds delicious! Cant go wrong with LEGOS! Enjoy your weekend.

  8. I like the Egyptian things. It looks like it has been a busy week. The Dragon noodles look yummy.

  9. You all sure had some fancy meals this week. How wonderful to have a cooking daughter. Your projects are coming along nicely.
    Blessings, Dawn

  10. What a fun, interactive week. I really love how you made sarcophagi, I wish I had thought o that when we were doing ancient Egypt.
    Thanks for Linking up "This Week at Great Peace Academy"

  11. I love all of their history work this week. Ancient Egypt is one of my favorites.

  12. Dragon noodles sound super yummy! We've been "stuck" in Egypt most of this year, but I have to admit, there are some great crafts to be found in studying Ancient Egypt. :) I'd love to visit someday.

  13. I think ancient Egypt was hands down my favourite era we have learnt about (although I think the renaissance could top it!). You all look like you're having a blast with it all. I really love the sarcophagi - such a great idea! Lovely full week of learning, as usual!

  14. Fun Egypt unit! Lots of great hands on fun at that! Popping over from your Let's Click post!

  15. Your projects turned out beautiful!

  16. It looks like the kids were plenty busy even without co-op. I love the necklaces and sarcophagi.


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