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Easy Christmas Gift for Kids to Make: Butterfly Paperclip Angels

Here is a really frugal, fun, easy gift that kids can make for their friends and relatives.
  • Butterfly Paperclips
  • Pony Beads (silver, pink or gold work nicely)
  • Silver Disk Beads (preferably with fluted or beaded edges). You will want the hole to be as large as possible.
  • Ribbon, string or yarn

Take the ribbon and tie in a loop. Thread a disk bead, which will become the angel's halo, and then a pony bead, which will become the angel's head, onto the ribbon and push up to the knot. 
Loop the ribbon through the hole in the center of the paperclip and then open up the loop at the end and put through through itself. 
 Slip both beads back down to sit flush with the paperclip.


  1. These are so pretty, Phyllis, and such simple elegance! I love them!

  2. Oh I am so making these, the kids would love them.

  3. Easy and pretty! Thanks for sharing this tutorial!

  4. Simple and sweet- the best kinda craft around!

  5. Seriously brilliant.

  6. Oh my gosh! These are beautiful AND easy. My girls are always looking for Christmas gift ideas for their friends. I need to pin this one. Thanks!


  7. Who woulda thought you could make something so adorable out of a paper clip?!

  8. Anonymous13.12.13

    This is brilliant! Thank you!


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