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Our Homeschool Weekly Report, November 15-21-Review Week

Time and Place in History

 For review week, I had them glue a map in the inside of the front cover of their History Journals...
 and write in all the peoples of Mesopotamia that we have studied so far.

 And I had them glue a timeline, which was accordion folded in the back of their history journals.  We found a timeline template and then glued the 11” sides together overlapping the pages, with the full-size pieces one on each end. We slipped the last page into the three-ring binder by gluing it to the back cover and accordion folded the center section. This will keep it intact in the binder, but will allow the student to extend the timeline to its full width.
They added the names and dates of when all the peoples we have studied so far this year lived.

November 15-21

Week 12
 On Monday, after a bit of table work in the morning...
 we went to Turner's Creek Park for a little excursion.
 They played Indian Paintbrush...
 to celebrate the upcoming Thanksgiving celebrations, and to get the wiggles out...

 before we did a nature study of the willow tree.
 Some sketched.

 We went on various adventures in pairs...
 and found all sorts of things that interested us...
for possible nature study topics in the future.
 We gathered some cuttings to do a history project with for the next day.
 A bit more running, jumping...
 and climbing...
before going home...

to Taco Soup that Katie had put in the crockpot earlier, fresh baked bread and salad for dinner.
Katie finished her picture with some watercolors once she got home.

What else have we done this week?
We had a short week because James had his neurologist appointment at DuPont Children's Hospital because of his seizure. They were reluctant to put him on medication despite the family history of epilepsy, but have ordered a battery of tests.

We also began running fevers and having head cold symptoms, and so school was hit or miss as we felt up to it.


from History Portfolio
We learned about the 12 tribes of Israel.


We read Science in Ancient Mesopotamia about their knowledge of medicine, mathematics, astronomy and metallurgy. It was a nice review of a lot of things we had learned about the Mesopotamians, such as the fact that they were the first to use a number system to weigh and measure and that the Babylonians created a symbol for zero.


Alex worked with pentagons and Quentin worked with the Identity and Commutative Properties of Addition and place value with the decimal point. James played with simple algebra problems and coordinate graphing. 

We used the cards again, to make up addition problems to graph on a coordinate graph.For, example, if he pulled a -4 card, he would then plug it into this formula:
-4 + X = 10
and then plot that on a coordinate graph to find its solution.


We reviewed the grammar we have been working on:
  1. Name the three ways of expressing Present Tense.
  2. Give the Present Tense of the verb "to be."
  3. How do you recognize an English infinitive
We are reading Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbit for our read-aloud.

Fine Arts

We didn't want to spread our colds around, so we practiced our scripts at home.

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  1. Sorry, you are fighting the colds! I hope that the docs will help James. Katie's picture is beautiful, and her soup looks very yummy!

  2. So many wonderful things here, Phyllis. I just love how you let your children be CHILDREN. You inspire me (as always). I hope everyone gets to feeling better, and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Lovely photos! Tell Katie she did an amazing job on her sketch!

  4. I hope your colds are better soon. I also really like the way the history notebooks are going. We're doing a folded timeline and map in our Civil War pocket notebooks. I'm thinking about trying the sketchbook notebook next semester in my co-op class :-)

  5. I love the nature study. It can be so difficult to get outside during these dark days, and you are doing a fabulous job making sure it happens and is fun too.

  6. Wow Katie is such a talented artist! Still praying for James 8( that soup looks great! Love our .crockpot for soup during cold times! Hope all feel better soon! Lovely pictures of the outdoors!

  7. I must now read up on Indian Paintbrush, this sounds like a great game!

  8. Katie,
    I found you on Collage Friday and stopped in to check out your school and say "Hi." You inspire me to take some time to go outside with my son and enjoy nature. Love the drawing of your family under the tree!
    Letting our kids enjoy the world while learning is so important.
    Algebra. Oh how it gives me pause. We faced it last year. Now it's geometry. Uh yeah.
    I host a weekly link up "This Week..." every Saturday and would like to invite you to stop in and link up with me. :)
    ~~Renee at http://www.greatpeaceacademy.com

    1. I am sorry if I made it confusing. Katie is my oldest daughter and the boys are all my sons, not hers. Thank you for your kinds words.

  9. The taco soup looks great. I will try it and omit the corn (since Tom Sawyer is allergic). I just love to see all that you are doing. The day at the park looked like a perfect autumn day.
    Blessings, Dawn

  10. Seriously Phyllis, you NEVER cease to amaze me. What a wonderful week. I love all the outdoor fun. The pictures in the tree are great. It has gotten cold here today 23° and we are snuggling inside! Taco Soup is one of our favorites! Happy Sunday and Happy Thanksgiving sweet friend.

  11. I love the history journals. I am always in awe of the projects you all do. Art in the outdoors looks so fun!


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