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"Let us strive to make each moment beautiful."
Saint Francis DeSales

Drama Class 2

I didn't have anyone available to take pictures of my class this week, so I don't have much to show you. I did manage to snap a couple of pictures toward the end of class.

Discusssing Homework Exercise

We talked about the toothbrush exercise homework I had given them. I asked them how they felt trying to do this new thing and about how it got easier as the week went on. It is just like that with acting. Some of the exercises might feel uncomfortable, but as time goes on and you practice the exercises, they become easier and more comfortable.

Relaxation Exercise

I asked them to make themselves as loose as cooked spaghetti and then I had them imagine a most comfortable place or situation...I gave them suggestions
  • in a hammock
  • in a pile of fall leaves
  • on a lawn chair
  • on a waterbed
  • in tall grass
  • on a cloud


Relays with Imaginary Objects

I had them play catch, first with a ball, and then without. Then tug-of war, with a rope and then without.

Soundless Conversations

I broke the class up into pairs and I had them hold soundless conversations. They had to read each other's lips. I gave each pair a relationship...
  • best friends
  • enemies
  • worried parents
  • winner and loser
  • secret friends
  • sister and brother
  • teacher and student
  • friends sharing great news

Sensory Exercises

Walking on Different Surfaces

I had them walk around as if they were on different imaginary surfaces...
  • snow
  • hot sand
  • soft, sticky tar
  • sharp pebbles
I asked them how the different sensory factors affected their actions?

Holding Objects

I gave each student an imaginary object to hold...
  • a kitten
  • an ice cream cone
  • a cup of hot chocolate
  • a sharp knife
  • a warm washcloth
then I had them hand their object to another student.

Pick Up an Object

I placed my book bag on the stage (but you can use anything...a book, a glove, a scarf, a ruler...anything). I had them com up, walk across the stage and pick up the object, put it down and then walk off stage, as if...
  • it is beautiful
  • there is a knocking inside it.
  • it smells weird
  • it is mouth watering
  • it is sticky
  • it is burning hot
  • it is delicate

The 5 W's Exercises

What Exercises

Stand still (in one place) and act out...
  • figuring out which way is north, or which fork in the road to take
  • listening hard to pinpoint a cry for help in the distance
  • holding still so an animal nearby won't attack
  • watching a rescue operation
I sent students to the stage and told them to say, "1, 2, 3, 4" as if they were...
  • leading a cheer
  • exercising
  • trying to avoid exploding in anger
  • conducting an orchestra

When Exercises

I had them take a stab at improvisations in which...
  • one is an early morning eager beaver and the other is one who can't face the day after awakening
  • a meeting of two army leaders, and one is surrendering to the other
  • gold miners, trying to force Indians off their land
  • picketers being arrested by police
  • someone stopping Booth before he kills Lincoln
  • French deciding not to follow Joan of Arc into battle
  • Isabella refusing to back Columbus

Why Exercises

I had them in small groups do two different situations with two different why's...
  • A police officer...first keeping a mob from a celebrity and then keeping a crowd from the scene of a murder
  • Saying goodbye to a friend...first as someone who is going away on a long journey and then going off to work

Pre-Improvisation Exercises

Saying a Name Once

I had them say their name as if...
  • giving their name to a nurse
  • deciding whether to tell the truth
  • entering a beauty contest
  • meeting a star or the president

Repeating a Name Many Times

I had them repeat their or another class member's name (as appropriate) as if...
  • looking for a relative among the missing
  • signing their name over and over to get through red tape
  • trying to get chosen for a team
  • trying to regain lost memories


  1. I just love watching the different skills that children learn in drama classes. How wonderful it is that you're teaching the children at the co-op drama, and sharing the exercises here. :-)

  2. Can I come sit in your class? It might be a bit of a drive, but I'd love to do it.


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