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Not Back To School Blog Hop: Student Photos

Curriculum Week in the 2013 Not Back to School Blog Hop
Here are my students for this year...
age 19
Junior/Special Needs
Alex has autism and is about at the 4th grade level. He is able to do some things at grade level, with accommodations. We pull from many resources for his school work, but he favors table work as opposed to hands-on activities. He will graduate with a certificate of attendance rather than a diploma.

age 16
Sam loves anything to do with the Ancients, especially Greek myths. He will be applying this to his studies this year as he studies Rhetoric, Greek Philosophy and Literature.

age 12
6th grade
James is very creative and loves art and building. He loves collections and is very strong in picking out details and comparing things. He struggles with learning disabilities, so reading, writing and learning through listening are difficult for him.

age 9
4th grade
Quentin is a people-person. He loves acting and dressing-up in historical costumes. He may be a reenactor some day. He is very sensitive to other's feelings, and therefore very perceptive about others. He loves animals.

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