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Summer Fun #71: Orange-Creamsicle Float

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After the success of yesterday's Strawberry Fizz drink, my boys were looking for something similar today, so I decided to try the Orange Cream Floats from July's issue of Real Simple magazine. It was also delicious and refreshing.

2 pints vanilla ice cream
2 cups orange juice (fresh-squeezed is even sweeter)
2 cups of club soda or sparkling water (I used Seagram's Orange Citrus Sparking Seltzer Water.)

Scoop ice cream and divide evenly into 8 glasses (chilled, if you like.)
Top with orange juice and bubbly water. 


  1. Oh come on! I'm going to be 500 lbs if you keep this up :)

  2. That does sound yummy. You know what I'm really craving? orange julius.

    1. How does a Pineapple Julius sound?

  3. Yum - refreshing!


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