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Our Homeschool Weekly Report, July 19-25, Week 36: Finally Finished

Snapshot Summary, July 19-25

Garden Update:

 I finally got around to adding our garden updates to the Garden Journal.
Katie has added notes to the pages.
Our Garden has taken the heat this past week. The spring cool weather-loving lettuces have gone to seed.

The basil is doing fine, but the pepper is slow growing.

The nasturtiums haven't like the intense heat.
Look how tall the tomato plant is.

It has been supplying us with a steady supply of fresh tomatoes.

Quentin, in particular, loves my Mint Chocolate Chip Milkshakes.
We have been enjoying the summer, even though the weather has been super hot and we are finishing up school work.
week 36

Coordinate Graphing

Volume and Capacity

Our past study of coordinate graphing and area led to volume and capacity. 
First he measured and cut out different sized cylinders from cardboard tubes. Each cylinder of a different height.

Next he was posed with the question of whether or not a relationship exist between the height of a cylinder and the number of tablespoons or cups of rice it will hold?

Could a coordinate graph be used to predict how many cups of rice a cylinder would hold if only its height were known? 

He made a prediction, using the graph that 6 inch cylinder would hold 14 tablespoons, and then confirmed it.

For his own pleasure, he figured out how many tablespoons were in a cup and how this related to each of the measurements. He determined that 1/4 cup equaled 3 tablespoons, so a 1 1/2 inch tube would hold 1/4 cup. He then figured out that since a 2 inch tube holds about 4 1/2 tablespoons and a 4 inch tube holds about 9 tablespoons, then a 6 inch tube would hold about 13 1/2 tablespoons, and he determined that it would be roughly 1 cup.


Astronauts and Space

The Impact of Meteors

 We learned about how even something small can make a big impact if it is going fast enough. We experimented with this using a penny dropped onto eggs from different heights.

We also learned about how the space scientists use a "Whipple Bumper" to prevent the effects of meteors on space shuttles and stations.


World War II

Extinguish an Incendiary Bomb, Part II

I saw these on a trip to the store around the 4th of July and I picked them up for the boys to do the incendiary bomb activity again.
 The boys had fun pretending that they had been attacked with an incendiary bomb. I, of course, would not recommend you doing this and stopped them, as soon as I snapped a picture. They do make satisfying and convincing smoke though.
 The bomb has landed, so our crew goes into action...
 dousing the bomb with sand. I don't know whether you can tell it from the picture, but it is still smoking some, which was great to show them that the water was needed as well. 
 Now it is all out.
The only step left to do is sweep it up.



We are getting a head-start on our year-long study of Africa next year.
How big is Africa.... very cool
We began our study of Africa by trying to get the continent in perspective. I found this map that shows just how large the second largest continent is.
Then we colored in a physical map of the continent.

Physical Education

Sport's Night

The boys are still enjoying Sport's Night as they have never wanted the commitment of a sports team, but like to play sports once a week.
Momma likes to count it as gym.


Woodcarving and Woodburning

 They have been working on their woodcarving projects this week.
 Much of the work has been getting used to the strokes needed...
but they have completed some projects during the process.
They have also been experimenting with woodburning in the details.

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What We Are Reading:

  • P. Allen Smith's Living in the Garden Home : Connecting the Season with Containers, Crafts, and Celebrations; Smith, P. Allen. 
  • The War of the Worlds [graphic novel] Laurel Associates
  • Gregor the Overlander; Collins, Suzanne. 
  • Hans Brinker, or, The Silver Skates; Dodge, Mary Mapes 
  • The story of Ruby Bridges; Coles, Robert. 
  • A Little House Traveler : Writings from Laura Ingalls Wilder's Journeys Across America; Wilder, Laura Ingalls
  • A Night to Remember; Lord, Walter 
  • The Redwall Cookbook; Jacques, Brian.
  • Rosa; Giovanni, Nikki.
  • Code Name Verity; Wein, Elizabeth. 
  • Coincidences, Chaos, and All That Math Jazz : Making Light of Weighty Ideas; Burger, Edward
  • Reaching for the Moon; Aldrin, Buzz.
  • The disappearing spoon : and other true tales of madness, love, and the history of the world from the periodic table of the elements; Sam Kean
  • 10,000 days of thunder : a history of the Vietnam War; Caputo, Philip. 
  • Crispin : the cross of lead; Avi
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  1. WOW I would love to be a child in your school some day...you always have so much fun and such learning going on! love the garden and that sandwich! ours not doing too well 8( Enjoy the weekend!

    1. Thank you. This is the first year we have had a lot of success with a garden and I think it is because we used a raised bed garden.

  2. The smoke bombs look fun! There is, of course, no way to buy them legally where we live :( I love your math work!

    1. Yes, I know the laws are different everywhere. I thought I would include it for those who can get a hold of them. Thank you. James loves math, so he always likes going beyond what I expect of him.

  3. I'm glad to read you stopped the incendiary bomb play - after you snapped the picture :) Looks like a lot of fun!

    1. Yes, it was too tempting not to snap a picture first. They loved it.

  4. Our tomato plants have not been doing very well. Would love a touch of your green thumb!

    1. Oh, I am afraid that it is Katie's green thumb you are after. She tends the garden.

  5. There's been a whole lot of learning going on! I'll share the little smoke bomb escapade with my boys. We have a few leftover from the 4th and it just might give them a few ideas of how to use them.
    Thanks for sharing the snapshots from your week - so fun!

    1. I always try to fit a little history in everything; at least that is what my boys think.

  6. Guess we both had gardening on the brain this week! Your tomatoes look so delicious and so does the milkshake! Love the carvings and I'm going to have to do the egg experiment with Jerry. I know Beth will want to be involved in that one too because she loves breaking eggs!

    1. Yes, we do seem to have similar gardening posts. You guys will love the egg demonstration.

  7. Phyllis I am always in awe of your weeks. You make me feel like a slacker! Love the Garden journal. Love the carvings and smoke bombs are always fun. :) Happy weekend friend!

    1. Oh, don't feel like you are a slacker, because you certainly are not. These wrap-up posts are meant to inspire. :)

  8. I am in awe as usual! That is such a beautiful pic of you in the collage! You are so kind to take the time to share your talents. Your kids are truly blessed and although it was a smokey way to simulate the incendiary bomb, I still find this to be a Genius of a way to do it! Love the maths and the garden journal too, but I especially love that chocolate chip milkshake :}

    Thank you for sharing you are so helpful!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind comment. I love doing these weekly posts because when everything is listed together, it makes me feel as if I have accomplished something each week. LOL

  9. There is something about boys and mess. Just look at all the fun with the bombs! And the woodcarving turned out just lovely!

  10. You're SO good keeping up with your garden journal! (Shhh! We did ours for about 2 weeks...) Awesome on the tomatoes! We're like the only ones around here who can't grow them! You're hands-on math is pretty cool. I like that you do a VISUAL (graph) to show the math results.

  11. The incendiary bomb activity is excellent! Very realistic indeed, with smoke and everything. I haven't seen the kind of smoke balls around here, but it's a really good idea. I'll look harder. Thanks for the inspiration, as always. :-)

  12. I'm very inspired by the coordinate graphing, I'll definitely be using it, thank you for sharing.

    And I love all the photos of your week. I giggled at the boys enjoying the smoke bombs and marvelled at how the garden has grown since you first decorated the bare blocks! Isn't nature breathtaking? Well done Katie giving it a helping hand.

  13. Your weekly posts always leave me in awe of how much a determined and clearly organized person can get accomplished! Woodcarving is no small feat - hats off to your kids!

  14. AWESOME!!! You all are having so much fun.
    Blessings, Dawn

  15. My boys so would have done that too, and I would have stopped after taking the picture.

    I didn't know tomatoes could grow that tall.


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