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World War II Assignments and Our Homeschool Weekly Report, June 14-20, week 32

June 14-20

History: World War II

Assignment: Camouflage

Assignment: Search and Rescue

Assignment: Reconnaissance Mission

James' map of his side of the street

The debriefing after the reconnaissance mission. James is unsure which house the meeting was taking place since a few houses had no lights on.
Camo Cupcakes as a reward.
 Quentin and James decorated them.

Math: Coordinate Graphing Explorations

Do squares and rectangles of tiles have predictable perimeters as successive rows or columns of tiles are added? How would a graph for the perimeter of a rectangle with a constant number of columns and a growing number of rows compare with a graph for the same starting rectangle with growing columns and constant rows?
Perimeter can lead to area. What happens to the area of a rectangle as more rows or columns are added? Does the same thing happen to areas of other shapes? What happens to the perimeter of a rectangle if its area is kept the same but the tiles are rearranged to make long thin rectangles or short fat ones? What numbers would be graphed to show if there was a pattern? If the graph this question produces is not a straight line, can it still be used to make predictions?

Garden Update

What We Are Reading:
  • The Secret Garden, Frances Hodgson Burnett 
  • Maryland : its past and present, Richard Wilson
  • The wild, wild West, Larry Keys
  • Valentine's Day disaster, Larry Keys
  • Down to the sea in ships, Philemon Sturges
  • Good masters! Sweet Ladies! : voices from a medieval village, Laura Schlitz
  • Titanic : voices from the disaster, Deborah Hopkinson
  • I have a dream, Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • Lancelot, Hudson Talbott
  • Freedom Riders : John Lewis and Jim Zwerg on the front lines of the civil rights movement, Ann Bausum
  • DK Money, Joe Cribb
  • Speaking out : the Civil Rights Movement, 1950-1964, Kevin Supples

  • Mathematics; a Way of Thinking, Bob Baratta-Lorton
  • World War II for Kids, Panchyk (Quotes are from this book.)
  • American Kids in History: World War II Days, King
  • Camo Cupcakes at Chickabug

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  1. That picture of Quentin reading is awesome!

  2. The WWII stuff is totally cool! How could boys especially not learn and remember this with all those interactive, modeling activities! Fun stuff! You're always so creative!

    Garden's looking good! We're adding fertilizer to ours as some parts are going really, really slowly. I think it's the cool days of rain though since it's the crops that like warmer weather.

    LOL at the reading photo!

  3. What an awesome week. You all do so much. It amazes me what you all cover in a week.
    blessings, Dawn

  4. The WWII stuff is totally awesome! I'm filing that away for when we study WWII. I can just see Firecracker suggesting Army cupcakes or army decorated gingerbread men for a WWII study :-)

  5. I am smiling the whole way through! What memories you are building for your children - and I love the last photo!!

  6. Wow, the boys must have had so much fun with WWII assignments. The last picture cracked me up - Anna also reads in all kinds of positions.

  7. your wwII study looks fantastic! I'd love to be a student in your school.
    Kudos to the boys, for a great job on the cupcakes.
    I'm making a note of your reading list - thanks for sharing!

  8. Whafab and fun assignments! Love the camo cupcakes. Enjoy your week!

  9. I love these WW2 activities, they make me smile to read them.


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