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Summer "Bucket" List: Have an Exotic Fruit Tasting

exotic fruit tasting

You can find all sorts of exotic fruits in the market these days.

Papaya and Mango

Pick a few you have never tried and have a tasting party. We tasted papayas and  mangoes...

Southwest Chicken Tacos with Mango Salsa and Avocado
and used the leftover in these Southwest Chicken Tacos (recipe at I Wash, You Dry). We mixed in the papaya and it was good in there, too. These are super delicious.
Donut Peaches
We also tasted Donut Peaches. They taste better than other peaches. They're sweeter, with almond overtones.They are lower in acid than other peaches, and the pit doesn't cling to the flesh, so it's easy to pop out with your thumb. The fruit's thin, red skin has little or no fuzz, so it doesn't have to be peeled...

but we peeled them anyway.

Do you have any exotic fruits that you have tried and liked?

originally posted Jun 24, 2013


  1. This is terrific! You pictured a couple I haven't even heard of...I'll be taking a closer look at the produce section next time I hit the grocery store :)

  2. I love your fruit tasting party. What a fun idea.
    We did something similar to this a few years ago. The kids loved it.
    Blessings, Dawn

  3. Oh my gosh, those donut peaches look delicious! I always wonder when tasting exotic fruit how much better it must taste when it hasn't traveled so far, picked unripe. I've heard so many people rave about fresh pineapple, eaten off the bush, that it tastes so much better than bought at home at a grocery store- and pineapple is so good!
    Have you thought of trying heritage fruit tasting?

    1. Yes, my mother, who lived in South America for some time, always said that papaya was her favorite fruit, but it was not the same in North America as it was straight off the trees. A heritage fruit tasting sounds interesting, but we tend to go and pick a single fruit when it is ripe and eat it then, like apples, peaches, and berries. They already know what they taste like. I just wanted them to know what all the unusual fruits in the stores were like.

  4. Anonymous25.6.13

    Before we had the younger two we used to haver a tasting night once a month, to allow the children the experience of eating foods I wouldn't naturally use at home. We did taster nights from different countries, had a fruit one as well as a vegetable one. The sky is the limit and we would include drinks as well ie pureed versions of the fruit or veg, or drinks from the country.
    Maybe when life is less hectic I'll get round to planning them again....

  5. This is such a great idea. When we go to a local produce store, I always let Anna pick a fruit she wants to try. It's amazing how many different flavors are out there waiting to be explored!


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