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Saint Francis DeSales

Memorial Day: My Summer Bucket List, 2013

1. Make Hemp Cord Bracelets.
2. Go to Sonic for half-price shakes.

3. Make Wine Cork Boats and race them.
4. Fly in a plane with Young Eagles.
5. Tie-Dye T-Shirts

6. Make Whipped Pineapple Pops or Pineapple Whips.
7. Make Orange-Creamsicle Float
8. Make soda slushies.

9. Preserve a Spider's Web.
10.Go to Smithsonian Museum of American History
11. Have a picnic on the beach.

12. Play with Bubbles.
13. Take a Ferry.
14. Go to a Boundless Playground.

15. Have Origami Boat Races.
16. Go to a Western-themed Festival.
17. Go to a zoo.
Have fun as a family with a tasting party
18. Teatime Taste Test.
19. Play with water-balloons on the trampoline.
20. Have a Gilligan's Island Family Fun Night.
22. Make and fly a kite.
23. Play with screenprinting.
24. Visit Air Mobility Command Museum in Dover, Del.
25. Visit the Shipwreck Museum at Fenwick Island.

Pebble Plaque
29Make a pebble mosaic plaque.
30. Go camping at the beach.
31. Make a Paperbag Scrapbook.
32. Have fun at the beach...make faces in the sand, make sandcastles, complete nature studies, play games at the beach, make handprint candles in the sand.
35. Make Pendulum art.
36. Make floating boat luminaries to float at night.
37. Letterboxing or Geo-caching.

38. Make Popsicle cupcakes.
39. Play Get-to-Know-You-Better games.
40. Have a Milk Bar.

41. Bake marbles and make jewelry out of them.
42. Make wire sculptures.
43. Make a Sandy Beach Photo Frame.

44. Make Watermelon Popsicles.
45. Make necklaces from washers and nail polish.
46. Make Balloon and Sand Juggling Balls.

47. Make Caramel Rice Krispies Treat Sand Castle made using sand molds or Sandcastle Ice Cream Snack
48. Make Frozen Root Beer Float pops.
49. Make Strawberry Fizz

exotic fruit tasting
50. Have an Exotic Fruit Tasting.
51. Play with cup stacking.
52. Take an evening pajama walk.
53. Visit the Mexican Grocery.
macrame hanging candle holder
54. Make Macrame Candleholders
55. Take the Herr's Potato Chip Factory Tour.
56. Go bowling with friends.
57. Go swimming with friends.
Cake decorating party for kids. Love those little cakes.
58. Have a cake decorating party.
59. Park-Sports days with friends.
60. Have a Movie Night.
61Make a Tin Can Howler.
62 Make forts in the woods.
63. Have a Brownie Bake-Off.

64. Make Scandinavian Shaved Wood Ornaments (Christmas in July)
67. Go to a Pirate Festival
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  1. Good list! I was just thinking about making some root-beer float pops...but pineapple whips sound pretty yummy, and look very sunshiney for the first
    "real" day of summer.

  2. Ooohhhhh, I want to make those cork boats.

  3. What an awesome list! I can see a very fun summer for your family!

  4. Ok. I think this is the most epic bucket list EVER! You gave us some fun ideas to try!!! I need to pin this list!

  5. Anonymous22.6.13

    Wowser! You're certainly going to be kept busy!

  6. I always LOVE LOVE your bucket lists! I want to do them all. Better yet I want to come to YOUR house and do them all with y'all. I'm about to show this to Keilee. She will want to do them all too. :)

  7. Stealing three of those! ;)

  8. What a great list! So many great ideas that will have to be added to our list!

  9. Ooh so much inspiration - thank you! I'd never seen the sand faces, they are so funny. And I've just bought a pop maker so I'll be trying those recipes. Have a wonderful summer.


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