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Graphing Coordinates and Our Homeschool Weekly Report, May 24-30 {week 29 )

Snapshot Summary, May 24-30
We went to Fort Miles in Lewes, Delaware for their Firepower Tour. The boys learned about all the guns they had there and how they worked. They even got to get on some and manipulate them.

Since we were so close to the Atlantic, we spent some time at the beach at Cape Henlopen, Delaware.

We also visited the Nature Center at Cape Henlopen. The boys particularly liked petting the Horseshoe Crabs.
We enjoyed a traditional cook-out on Memorial Day.
Nature Study: Horseshoe Crab

and on Tuesday we did a nature study of the Horseshoe Crab that we found at the beach.

World War II

As a follow-up to the World War II field trip, we did an activity on coastal defense in which the boys had to place their weapons and plot how much protection they gave.

Graphing Coordinates

The next task for James to learn is how to plot sets of numbers from the previous activities on coordinate graph paper and how to use the plotted points to predict future numbers that have the same ordered pattern. I first had him make a coordinate graph on the graph paper just as I had done when we played Coordinate Tic-Tac-Toe. I then gave him 5 or 6 ordered number pairs and had him plot them on the coordinate graph. I then had him draw a line through all points he had marked so far. I then had him predict the additional numbered pairs that could be plotted on the graph, using the same pattern. After doing a few of these, he is now able to make up sets of cards for others to plot.
Now, I have to show him that a set of numbers may yield sets of points that zigzag or curve. The purpose of his learning coordinate graphing is so that he can graph actual events and not all graphable events yield linear patterns. Soon he will begin marking points on graphs to record events not as carefully controlled as the number I select for him. The cards are used to assist the students in learning how to plot points on a coordinate graph, and to show that some activities recorded on a coordinate graph yield points all in a line. The third group of numbers keeps him from thinking this is true for all activities.
Birthday cake at home with the family.
On Thursday, Sam turned sixteen and so three of the boys went with us we went to my radiation treatment and my oncologist appointment and we made a day together of it.
After my radiation treatment, we stopped off at the WWI monument...
 and to see the Korean War tank at the VFW post nearby.
 We went to the Mall to eat lunch...
 and to enjoy the wares of the venders in the kiosks, like this spat-tomato toy. 
 James' favorite stop was the Lego store.
We left Sam at the mall as we went to my oncologist appointment, and picked him up afterwards. He had found a book, and Quentin and Steven also found books to buy. 
Then I had arranged for a surprise birthday dinner with Sam's best friend, and he was truly surprised and delighted which is really nice. Not much school happened, but it was a wonderful day.

Garden Update

 The garden is growing beautifully.

  • Night of the Ninjas [Magic Tree House #5], Mary Pope Osborne
  • The Secret Garden, 
  • Escape from Saigon : a Vietnam War orphan becomes an American boy, Andrea Warren
  • Transformed : how everyday things are made, Bill Slavin
  • One False Note, Gordon Korman
  • Maryland : its past and present, Richard Wilson
  • 10,000 days of thunder : a history of the Vietnam War, Philip Caputo
  • Wise guy : the life and philosophy of Socrates, Mark Usher
  • Smart science tricks, Martin Gardner
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  1. Oh, we love the Lewes and Cape Henlopen area! That's one of my favorite shore points. So natural, still, which I love. I'm glad you had a good time.

  2. The Lego store looks like so much fun. I am glad your son had such a great birthday and that you got to enjoy the shore for a while. I hope you have a strong weekend.
    Blessings, Dawn

  3. I love looking at your photo collages this week, especially the beach and nature center. Looks like a fun birthday too:) That cake is awesome, and the lego store looks like a lot of fun too. Praying for health and strength for you!

  4. Happy Birthday Sam! It looks like he had a wonderful day - I'm so pleased you managed to find the energy to fit all that in with your treatment. I love how you did nature study on the horseshoe crab - wonderful, authentic learning. Have a lovely weekend, Phyllis.

  5. You are the queen of fun field trips! We have always tried to incorporate fun things to do on doctor visit days too. One "benefit" (if you can really call it that) of having a life threatening illness is traveling to different cities and staying at Ronald McDonald houses which often have free tickets to local attractions! For years our kids thought of Ronald McDonald houses as our vacation resorts! I hope you are still feeling pretty good, Phyllis

  6. Happy birthday Sam! Great week.

  7. Those horseshoe crabs are freaky looking! They must have been so interesting to learn about and sketch!

    I love that coastal defense and graphing that you did. What a great way to apply real-life ideas to an activity!

  8. Wow, I am always amazed with how much you manage to do every week. I hope your treatment is going well. When will it end?


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