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Quentin is looking for a Pen Pal, age 7-9
James is looking for a Pen Pal, age 11-12

Click to play Outlaw Days

I thought I would share these pictures taken four or five years ago. This has nothing to do with the pen pal. I just thought it would put you in the outlaw mood. :)

If your child is interested, please leave how to contact you in the comments. (This information will not be published.)


  1. My little man would love to be pen pals with Quentin! Email us your mailing address and we'll do the same. :)

  2. My boys are interested, I don't know how well they'll do, but we can try.

  3. Anonymous4.4.13

    Haha. My son is in search of a Penpal too but he in right in the centre of their preferences. He just turned ten last month but he would LOVE a penpal. We are in Ontario, Canada.

  4. Hi Phyllis
    I am just doing a section with a pupil I tutor (he's 11 years old) about pen pals, so actually sending a letter to a pen pal sounds fitting! Of course I would have to ask the boy first (I'll see him again only next Tuesday), but if so, it will have to be in easy (well very easy) English. Will that be okay with James? [we're from Israel]

    1. That sounds perfect. He would love a letter from Israel.


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