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Lego Challenge # 9: Vehicle

Inspired by Sam's Lego Quest, (which is no longer active),  I wanted to start a 
weekly Lego challenge 
that kids can do and you can link up to. 
This linky has been open for a whole year, and will be closed soon. If you want to link up, please do so this week. 
With the photo, please give your child's age, what country (or, if the the US, what state) you are from and anything your child wants to say about his or her creation.This can be simple or extremely complex, it's up to you. The only real rule is that it has to be custom built. Your own creation, not a pre-designed one.
You can write a separate post for the challenge or you can just add the photo of your child's entry for the challenge to a weekly wrap-up post.

You can also get inspiration with these posts, even though their linkies are closed now.

Tow Truck
James, age 12, Maryland, USA

Lego Challenge #9: Vehicle
This can be any type of vehicle, from a car to a fire truck to an futuristic vehicle. It can be as simple or as complex, as you wish.
Build a Lego Car - Lego Challenge - So fun and even includes storytelling practice.
You can also link up your creations at Mom with a Lesson Plan.

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  1. Nice job!! My boys loved those challenges.


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