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Saint Francis DeSales

The Band of Thieves

sheriff in red, deputy in blue
 The sheriff and his deputy heard about a band of robbers that had come to town.
 The band of robbers went to the bank.

 They arrived at the bank...
 and they as they were robbing the bank the sheriff and his deputy arrived...just in time!
 The deputy shot one of the robbers.
 One of the robbers tried to shoot the sheriff...
 although the deputy shot him first. The other one escaped.
 The sheriff and the deputy chased the robber on horses.
The sheriff shot the robber.

by Quentin, age 8


  1. Anonymous22.1.13

    Love it!!

  2. That post was very cute thanks for it. I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. I hope you can take a look at it to participate if you can. In the meantime happy blogging!
    www.lifeisonlywhatyoumakeit.blogspot.com/Versatile Blogger

  3. Excellent (insert very enthusiastic clapping!)

  4. What a creative way to make a story!

  5. I've decided you've got some of the older Playmobil sets because I don't think the newer ones are that sturdy. Or at least the Sphinx one we got wasn't....... Maybe we just got the wrong set........ Now those guys, aside from their disturbing tendency to be scalped, they're great!

  6. That's terrific Quentin!

  7. What an awesome idea! I have to try it here too - we have a lot of Playmobil that Anna barely ever plays with!

  8. Thanks Quentin - Thanks for letting mom share with us! Bravo!


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