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What Do You Do When...

your son turns this in as a lab report.


  1. Buy him an art book and have him draw for fun everyday! Then I would get him a book that showed "real" lab reports, so he can see what information is useful/helpful. I love your sons sense of humor! Whatever you do, help him maintain that through out his life. I love it!

    1. I am sorry...I did not mean for anyone to take the question seriously. He has been doing lab reports for years, and knows how to do them. It was just a humorous little exercise to show how Biology is not an exact science. :)

    2. LOL! That fun...(and I often have real issues like that with one of my girls). I absolutely love the sense of humor! Man I wish my mom had homeschooled me! I missed so much fun!

  2. Laugh my head off. That's awesome!

    Which son was this?

  3. Laminate it so you can keep it forever! :)


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