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Pete the Cat Art

Our family has been so blessed with pastels instruction from the tutorials at Hodgepodge. This week the younger boys read Pete The Cat and his Four Groovy Buttons. It was written to be a read-aloud for a much younger audience, but it is cute and the younger boys could read it themselves, and it lends itself to a fun art session with its simple and  yet engaging illustrations.
Following the inspiration at Hodgepodge, we sat around the table and Katie helped the little boys draw pictures of Pete. We used beeswax crayons this time instead of pastels simply because we couldn't find the pastels. I think the beeswax crayons worked out well, I think.
Alex's, age 18, special needs

James', age 11

Quentin's, age 8



  1. Such sheer FUN! Your artists did such creative work. Great job all around. Absolutely love it!! "Just keep walking along and singing your song...because it's all good." Love that Pete ~ Tricia

  2. I need to get me some Pete the cat- he sure seems to inspire many kiddos, including yours!

  3. Great job! I'm thinking I might need to break down and try chalk pastels again soon. They just look so cool.

  4. My six year old is a HUGE Pet the cat fan!!!!!!


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