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Our Homeschool Weekly Report, November 2-8, week 10

This was a crazy week, and so we do not have a lot to show you in terms of our school work. I feel like I keep saying that these days; we are getting schoolwork done, just not all of it is visual.
On Wednesday, we celebrated my fifty-first birthday. Katie made this wonderful
and also whipped up a gfcf version for Alex and herself. Now that I have you drooling, I will tell you what hands-on things we accomplished in school this week.
week 10
We have been working on advanced division for a few weeks now, working through the manipulatives stage. However, there comes a point in which the problems become so large that the trading board becomes too cumbersome.
So, this week it was time to work on transitioning to working with just paper and pencil. We began by his writing the numbers one through 10, putting a circle around each number. I then got him to go by five down the line, so by the 1, he put a 5 and by the 2, he put a 10 and so on.
So now we were ready to begin with a division problem, but I wanted it to be small enough so that we can check his problem with the chip trading boards. This bridges the gap between them.
The problem was 4321 divided by 5, and I wrote it in the traditional manner.
When we got to the last number, which didn't take any numbers from the fives column, he wrote it as a fractional remainder.
Then, I got him to check his answer with the chip trading board, (just as I have done with his brother.)
I gave him more problems, with different column numbers to work with.
At some point, I asked him to teach me by telling me the steps, one-by-one as he does the problem.
At this point, he can create his own problems, either from whole cloth, or by rolling a die.
He also is asked to solve word problems...
We are having a party at our homeschool group, and we have been asked to bring peanuts to share. If there are 32 people who are coming to the party and the bag of peanuts we are bringing holds 125 peanuts, how many peanuts would each person get?...

Quentin is working on addition and subtraction with multiple digits and Sam is working his way through Teaching Textbook's Algebra and really enjoying it.

History and Geography

and started a file box system for our history timeline.

We also studied about immigrants sailing to America in the late 1880's and early 1900's, along with some study of the presidents of the period.

Sam is finishing up his work on World War I. I must admit that I am learning a lot through his study, as I never seemed to get to the World wars in my own schooling (and we, as homeschoolers worry about gaps!) Because of this I could never keep the wars straight.

Reading and Writing
 Sam is practicing the 25 minute essay for his taking the SAT essay section, and is working on Literary  Lessons through Lord of the Rings.

In science, we are finishing up our study of Protista with a look at algae. I will post more on that next week. We may take a sudden right turn and begin studying the human body as I just purchased Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology. Quentin is very interested in the human body, and bones in particular.

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  1. Happy birthday! That's some yummy looking cake you had! She did a great job! (Now I'm hungry! LOL)

    Awesome on your noms! (But I'm not surprised! ::wink:: You have lots of great ideas!)

  2. Happy Birthday - Nom nom nom. Our weeks have gone this way too. Alot of learning and activity - but not alot to photograph. And I've been trying to not have my camera at our learning table - seems to make them talk more. :) Glad to see your weeks!

  3. Happy Birthday! Your kids are so beautiful to make such a yummy cake for their spectacular momma. I love that long division work. Congratulations on all your nominations! You definitely rock!! Thank you so much for sharing your week.

  4. Happy birthday! Could you send Katie round to make us a cake like that?? It looks yummy!

  5. Happy Birthday! The cakes look fabulous! You have got LOADS done this week. :-)

  6. Happy Birthday!!

    I'd like to know more about the timeline cards- do you have other posts or pins?

    Congratulations on your nominations. :)

  7. I love that picture of you at the top, you look so bemused.

    We're just now finishing up the Spanish American War, we're going to run the San Juan Hill scenario next week, and get caught up on our history with the other family.

  8. Oh HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Yes, Katie's cake does have me drooling and it's early on a Saturday morning. You're the best! Thank you for how you encourage us all.

  9. What a beautiful picture of you Phyllis. Happy Happy Birthday a bit late. That cake looks yummy! Great job Katie! Congrats on your nominations but I am not surprised one bit. Well deserved!

  10. Gosh...happy belated birthday!!! I pray it was a good one and by the looks of that dessert, I think it was :) She did a great job! May you be blessed abundantly throughout this year!

  11. Hooray! Happy Birthday! I love that photo of you at the top :) Your cake looks amazing!
    I like the idea of a timeline file box. We had a system something like that going a few years ago, but it fell out of use.
    I so enjoy reading about your weeks, Phyllis :)


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