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History and Geography Meme #50 featuring Tricia at Hodgepodge

For the next few weeks I will be featuring some really special blogs, the bloggers behind them, and especially introducing you to their amazing history and geography posts.
This week I am showing you the wonderful history and geography learning activities that Tricia and Steve do with their five kids at Hodgepodge.
Hands On Geography for Multiple Ages
Trisha shares how she makes her homeschooling work with children of multiple ages.
A Child's Geography: 15 Minutes of Geography
She also shares that geography doesn't have to take a long time. Only 15 minutes at a time can be enough.
Salt Dough Map with Tapestry of Grace
She also shares lots of hands-on ways to learn about history and geography as well, however.
Maps as Window Treatments
She even shares simple ways of adding geography to your school, such as these maps as window treatments.
Automobiles and Airplanes: An Atmosphere of Learning
My absolute favorite geography post of hers, however, was when she shared how she made a cross-country trip that Steve did turn into a whole family learning experience.
You must go over to Hodgepodge and check out all the wonderful things they are doing together. (Tell her I sent you.) 
Oh, and, just to let you know, in case you are voting, Southern Hodgepodge, the trio of sites; Hodgepodge, The Curriculum Choice and Habits for a Happy Home have been nominated in multiple categories at this year's homeschool blog awards...
Best Homeschool Dad Blog – Hodgepodgedad
Favorite Homeschool Mom Blog – Hodgepodge and Habits for a Happy Home
Best Variety Blog – Hodgepodge
Best Super Homeschooler – Hodgepodge
Best Group Blog – The Curriculum Choice and Habits for a Happy Home
Best Blog Design – Habits for a Happy Home
I hope that you will continue to link your new (and old) posts with any history and geography topic to this meme every Thursday. Please include this button on either the post you have linked or your sidebar or mention All Things Beautiful History and Geography meme in your post with a link. All posts that do not link directly to a history or geography post will be deleted.
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  1. Its like soul food whenever I visit Tricia's blog. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I seem to have posted mainly about geography and history this week, so I've linked up numerous times. Is that ok??
    LOVE Tricia's map blinds - gotta get me some of those!!

    1. Of course it is ok! The more the merrier and with your posts, it is quite merry to see them.

    2. Phylis, you are a natural encourager. I'm still fairly new to all this blogging stuff and you give me confidence!!

  3. Oh my goodness sakes dear friend! How good you are to us. Big hugs from all of us at Hodgepodge. Thank you for how you encourage and bless over and over. ~Tricia

    1. Thank you for letting me share with others your lovely school and family.

  4. Dear Phyllis!
    Thank you, thank you for your wonderful post on Hodgepodge! I too agree that Hodgepodge Mom and Dad are superb as home school teachers and parents! I am, joyously related to them both, and count you as a dear, dear friend of the heart also!
    Nana (of Hodgepodge)

    1. Yes, Nana, we are certainly a dear, dear friends of the heart!

  5. I'm bummed I had no post to link up this week on history or geography. How sad. But I still get to check out everyone else's links.

    1. I think that is funny because I was bummed out this week that I didn't have any science posts to link up to your Science Sunday. :)

    2. Just remembered I did have a post after all. I forgot my bluebonnets were also geography, not just art :)


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