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A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Snack

Our Thanksgiving traditions, besides watching the Macy's parade on television, includes watching
A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.
This year we added a little snack bowl while we watched:
mini Melba toasts
mini pretzels
jelly beans

Steven even managed to make a gfcf one for Katie and Alex using gfcf pretzels and gfcf bagel chips.



  1. We had our traditional Charlie Brown Thanksgiving "feast" for lunch on Columbus Day/Canadian Thanksgiving back in October - but we watched the video again today - just for the happy, jazzy, ambiance :)

  2. I love Charlie Brown thanksgiving. Why didn't I think to make snacks with it?

  3. Great tradition! I often wish that our real Thanksgiving dinner could be as simple as popcorn, toast, and jelly beans... ;0)

  4. Anonymous23.11.12

    We don't have Thanksgiving Holiday in the UK, but I love looking at everyone's posts on their celebrations. Hope you had a lovely day!


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