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History and Geography Meme #47 Featuring Julie at Highhill Homeschool

For the next few weeks I will be featuring some really special blogs, the bloggers behind them, and especially introducing you to their amazing history and geography posts.
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This week I am featuring Julie and her blog, Highhill Homeschool.
Julie is an American homeschooling mother of three living in Germany and blogs about teaching history and geography in a co-op in which the moms take turns teaching all the children in the co-op.
Rice maps of China
The lessons usually begin with a map, to set the place, but they do this in a uniquely different way each time.
For Greece they learned about co-ordinate graph sketching of maps, whereas for Ancient China they illustrated the Silk Road using a  large cardboard map and a little caravan cart and also made maps of China out of rice and vegetables. Salt dough maps illustrated the area the Celts lived. They used Glitter maps when they studied the Vikings. They made cookie maps when they studied the Scythians.

Vases activity from the Ming Dynasty lesson from Ancient China
The posts are full of creative hands-on projects that really teach and tie-in to the history studies beautifully. They have made "Ming" vases, silk paintings, an ink printing block, a Confucius garden"Ivory" carvings from bars of soap and black paint, salt dough pottery and model of the Great Wall of China made of sugar cubes and icing when studying Ancient China. They made mosaics and took lots of field trips when they studied Ancient Rome. They made wattle-and-daub housesCeltic Shields, Runes, Card WeavingCelt robes and fibulas (shoulder pins) when they studied the Celts. 
Viking Ship models
They learned about spinning, made totems, played games, made Ship models, and made Shields when they studied the Vikings. They also made Tree of Life Pendants when they learned about Viking mythology.
They made hats out of felt, models of Yurts, gold medallions, armor , a model of a burial mound when they studied the Scythians.
Celtic Feast
They include sampling or feasting on the foods of the peoples they study. When they studied the Celts, the first week they talked about their diet, tried grinding grain into flour and then made oat cakes and a drink with apples. The second week each family made-up a Celtic recipe from the list of foods the Celts ate. 
For the Viking feast the kids made their own butter and worked together to create a pot of stew. Each child was responsible for adding one ingredient to the stew. There were onions, parsley, fish, carrots, spices and more. Since the Vikings liked to drink mead that was served too. (a kid version of course). In conjunction with the Ancient China history co-op they had a tea party and made sushi. They learned about the traditional tea ceremony and then tried our best to duplicate it.
They use timelines in an interactive way, using songs to help the students remember the events.

Books are always the backbone of their history studies, and she shares with us a list of the books she recommends, including a bit about each book.
sample writing assignment from their China studies
Writing Assignments are always a component, but these are very varied in nature and often have a way of sparking creativity, such as from their series on China,
"Write a fictional story which includes the six elements we discussed from the Shang Dynasty (wood writing, chariots, silk, oracle bones, tortoise shell writing, bronze, jade and ivory carvings) and any other inventions or events from the Shang dynasty you would like."

Highhill Homeschool
Be sure to hop over to Highhill Homeschool and see all the creative learning that they do there.
(Be sure to tell her that I sent you.)

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  1. Wow! I hadn't realized we had done that many activities until you put it like that. We have been studying history that way for about one school year. I guess you can do a lot in a year. - Thanks for this great write-up and hosting this blog hop each week. It's so inspirational.

  2. Thank you for hosting. This is my most favourite link up- full of my favourite subject (History!) Thanks for your comment- I'd be honoured to be included!

  3. Love this post. My kids would enjoy all of theses activities, especially making the vases. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Each week you're coming up with new ways to make this link up interesting. I'm enjoying seeing the spotlighted people each week.


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