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"Let us strive to make each moment beautiful."
Saint Francis DeSales

Our Homeschool Weekly Report, September 4-6, week 1: School Cones, Revolutions and New Nations and Erupting Lava Bottles Begin our 17th Year of Homeschooling

September 4-6

Tuesday, September 4 was our first day of school.
On the first day of school, the boys always get School Cones.

We also went to the library for one of our twice monthly trips. This picture of our stacks of books was taken while we were waiting for Steven to pick us up. Katie couldn't wait to begin reading.

math journals
This week Quentin is working on number patterns and skip counting by various amounts. I gave James a few assessment problems to do to see where I can pick up this year with his math. I worked with addition and subtraction problems with Alex and Sam is continuing with Videotext Algebra.

reading, writing grammar and spelling
James is learning cursive writing this year. Instead of buying a handwriting curriculum, I just bought a write-on/wipe off booklet from Wal-mart that he can use and then reference while he writes in his journals.
We worked identifying nouns, verbs and adverbs in sentences.
Alex put vocabulary words into sentences.
Sam is beginning Excavating English.

history and geography
Revolutions and New Nations (1820-1900)
We have been going through world history in a bit of a whirlwind, as we are trying to wrap up last year's studies and begin our new year of history and geography. I vaguely sketched out the continents on a two page spread in a timeline book. Then the boys and I went through their history text and picked out the details and applied them to the map. They colored the area and wrote beside it the dates and what happened.
The Erupting Lava Bottle is something I have been wanting to do all summer, but never got around to it. After the boys had been doing a fair amount of table and notebook work, we decided we needed a bit of a hands-on break, so we did this fun experiment It combines the effects of two very familiar experiments- that oil and water don't mix and the effect of baking soda and acid, to make a beautiful display as the colored water gets pulled through the oil. giving them a quick lesson in density.

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  1. Your weeks are always so fun.

  2. It is a joy to see your kids smiling in every picture. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Ok -- I pulled something out of your post that I love! I see you are using Sonlight's book of time -- and I really love that your child has drawn maps over the timeline. I had never thought of this, but what a great idea. I just love visiting your post each Friday, Phyllis! :-)

    I'm also going to look at your experiment for the erupting lava bottle!

    Have a great weekend!

    1. The timeline is left over from when we did Sonlight. Any timeline would do, however.

  4. Erupting lava bottle for the first week! Perfect! I am with Mary - you reminded me of the Sonlight book of Time. We got out of the habit of that last year - so, thanks for encouraging! Love your school cones and math journals tradition. Love stopping by here!

  5. Great week! I love the look on your son's face while he is looking at the lava lamp.

  6. Happy new year of school to you. Lava bottle was hugely popular here.

  7. What a great first week. I do love that Lava bottle! And also the time line. We have a time line book but aren't very good at keeping up with it. :/ I love the library photo with Katie 'not waiting' to read. :) I thought of you this past week when Kei was NBing. I was so happy that she wanted to create pages and not just use a printed one. :)

  8. The time line looks great! Sadly, a time line is one of the things I have never successfully implemented in our homeschool, along with nature journals!

  9. I want to do the lava bottle. I need to get my fall tablecloth out! I've only started cursive a little bit; it feels daunting.

  10. Wow! I love the school cones. That is a terrific idea. I am pinning it.


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