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Not Back-to-School Blog Hop: School Room Week

Small Space Homeschooling = The Whole World is Our Classroom

It is true that when I first started to homeschool, I did have a room dedicated just to schooling. 
That was a number of years ago. 
It wasn't because we didn't have the space that we began schooling without a dedicated school room. It was that school began being too large to contain in just one room. We would school in just about every room in our house.And now, since we have begun our grand adventure, and moved in with my best friend in her two-bedroom home, we have had to learn how to school in small spaces.
I have had to be organized. We have a small bookshelf and a large plastic container dedicated to our school  books and materials. We take them out to use them at the dining room table or on the sofa, and then we have to return them to their designated place. The table and sofa have to be used for things other than school and so they have to be kept clear of school materials as much as possible.
We have had to decide what things are of the most importance to us. 
I only brought my most basic homeschooling materials with us, so if I need some art or craft materials, I have to go out and buy them instead of just using from our stored supplies. And since I have to store anything I buy in a limited space, I have had to decide what is the most important materials for me to have. This kind of decision-making has led to some good talks about stewardship and the fact we live in a country that takes so much for granted.
Getting outside has been a necessity since living in the smaller quarters. 
Sometimes it just means the backyard for play or nature study. Sometimes it means the neighborhood for a walk or bike ride. Sometimes it means getting out on field trips. The good thing about the relocation was the fact that there are so many museums and other places to go. Every Saturday we take a long (all-day) family field trip. During the week, too, we get out to parks and other places of interest.
The whole world is our classroom.

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  1. I'm sure it's been challenging having so little space for supplies and books, but in some ways it's also very positive: learning doesn't have to mean lots of STUFF...and you know exactly what you have and use if FULLY. I purged 100s of books this summer from my We Might Use bookshelves. I had simply run out of space and could never remember all the wonderful things we had in the mix of all the what ifs! I now have all our supplies and books in one hutch and 3 drawers of a bureau in our schoolroom (i.e. diningroom). It makes what we still have that much more USABLE! And in September I will bring the purged items to a Homeschool Swap for others to use (since most of us are on strict budgets).

  2. Anonymous12.8.12

    Hi! I couldn't agree more! I just came over from squashed tomatoes to thank you for your lovely comment on our hermit crab sea collage - and I discover your fantastic blog! It looks just brilliant - exactly the kind of blog I could just sink in to and read for hours - and I will! How exciting to find a new homeschooling blog that deals with older kids - and boys too! Thank you for coming over to me, so I found you! :()
    Sasha x

  3. Awesome! I wish we could do more outside, but it is too hot. Hopefully in the fall we can get outdoors. :)

    1. Did you see my post on Nature Study in the hot summer time? http://homeschooljournal-bergblog.blogspot.com/2012/08/nature-study-in-hot-summer-time.html

  4. You are so AMAZING! I haven't had much time to keep up on reading my favorite blogs, I know you moved. It is just that I wouldn't be able to tell that you did if you didn't mention it in your post. I admire your family's dedication and hard work. I know we all as homeschoolers at some point use the world as our classroom, but you my friend take it to a higher level.(as always:) I look up to you!! Thank you so much for sharing,I so appreciate this blog of yours.

  5. I love this because we feel like the whole world is our classroom too. I so agree with some of the points of this...we all do have so much stuff we don't need. Keilee has tons of 'supplies, craft stuff, paint' that she never uses. It is such a waste. Sometimes I wish I could start all over with absolutely nothing [well you know what I mean] and pick and choose more carefully. Love the pictures Phyllis! LOVE that microscope! Is that yours or at a museum?

    1. That was the Rock and Gem Club's microscope. I wish we had one. We might have to get one this year. {hugs}

  6. You are me in reverse- I started schooling with one counter cleared in the kitchen. "Field trips" were our friend. I like the way you put it- the whole world was our classroom. Even though we have a dedicated room now, we are still often out and about. Somehow the boys think more clearly in the fresh air! I love your "can do" attitude about being in a small space. Our space is getting larger as kids grow up and move out, but I often feel the squeeze. :)

  7. I love how you use the whole world as your classroom.
    Blessings, Dawn

  8. So true, we get caught up in the stuff and the space and it truly isn't the most important thing. Learning is happening all the time and everywhere, thanks for the reminder!

  9. First, I love that first picture of your kids marching.

    Second, isn't it amazing how being in a smaller spaces forces us to be so much more creative?

  10. Anonymous14.8.12

    I couldn't agree more! The world is our classroom too.
    Beautiful, Phyllis!


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