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Summer Bucket List: Cucumber Boats

We spent a lovely Saturday afternoon sailing cucumber boats.
 Have you ever made one? They are so simple to make. Slice a cucumber length-wise and scoop out the seeds with a spoon. Traditionally they are filled with flowers or other found natural items, but my kids decided to make their own sails out of wooden chopsticks and paper.
 You will also need a place to sail them. A stream is the ideal place.
 Once you have made your boats to your satisfaction, (and you can be as creative as you like)...
 just set them in the water and watch them float.
 Sometimes they will float away and you can't retrieve them.
 But other times, they get stuck on rocks or get washed ashore. If that happens, you can get them and set them sailing again.
 Sometimes you get to set them sailing again and again.
 It is fun each time you sail them. 
 You never know how the currents will take them. It is fun to see where they go each time.
You can also make them out of zucchini or other squash. It is a great use for squash when you have too many.

Originally published Aug 5, 2012


  1. LOVE it!! Thanks for sharing your GREAT fun!


  2. This is so great. I was just looking at some very large cucumbers that came out of my garden and wondering if they would make good boats. It ties in perfectly with our unit study this week.
    Blessings, Dawn

  3. Cute idea! These look like a lot of fun and I'm sure some little critter enjoyed a new snack from the ones that got away.

    1. That is the great part about cucumber boats. They don't hurt the environment. I thought that the bit of paper and a stick wasn't too bad either, but if you just want to fill them with local finds like flowers, they are totally safe for the environment.

  4. what a fantastically creative and FUN idea!!!! :)

  5. What an awesome idea! Keilee would love this. We are doing this soon. How many times can I say it...you rock as a Homeschool Mom Phyllis!

  6. Ha ha! WHat a great idea, certainly better than what usually happens to cucumbers in my house. I buy them intending to eat them, and then forget about them........ Sigh.......


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