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Summer Bucket List: Make Eric Carle-style Collage Art

We all enjoyed looking at Eric Carle books. If your kids are small, they might be currently looking at them, but I find even older kids enjoy making Eric Carle-style collage art.

Remember the marbled paper we made?
Well now you can put it to some use with this project.
 Just pick up any Eric Carle book and look at his unique collage style.
 Then begin cutting...
and let the gluing begin.

Here are the results of my kids!
The marbled paper became maps of enchanted lands, giraffes munching on lunch, lobsters, fire breathing dragons, birds tucked in the holes of trees, lions stretching in the Savannah sun...
Alex's lobster
almost as if by magic.

Originally published Jul 6, 2012


  1. These are so awesome. We have always loved Eric Carle. Makes me wish Kei was 5 again. :/

  2. I love it! The giraffe is so incredibly cute. I don't know how well I'd do because I'm horrible at things that require multiple steps with drying time....

  3. Anonymous11.7.12

    I love this! :)


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