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Memorial Day: Summer Bucket List 2012

Little Wonders' Days

For Those Bored Moments, Some Quick and Easy Activities
Doodle Art Work
Lego Board Game
Balloon Play
Paper Helicopter
Make a paratrooper and parachute! 
Sand and Sea pictures
Marble Painting
Ring Streamers
Paper Waterlillies
Paper Plate Tropical Fish or Whirlygig Fish
Handprint Peacock Pictures
Paper Piggy Bank
puzzle piece aliens
Ladybug picture
Firefly picture
Celery Printing
Pasta Trees
Pussy Willow branches picture
Bundle Pencil Eraser stamping
Okra flower prints
Make Page Corner Bookmarks
Make Paper Plate Frisbees

Something to Make, Something to Do
Jelly Marbles
I Spy Jar
Make a Kite
Recycled Styrofoam Tray Craft With Paper Mache
watercolor silhouette
God's Eyes
Homemade Hourglasses
Make Masks
Make a Kaleidoscope
Give the Disposal Cameras and let them make books of their pictures
Make Lacy Lanterns
Make Glow in the Dark jars
Make an Oil Lamp

Just Fun
Candy Land Party
Puffle Party
Play with Balloons!
Pirate Party
Night Party with glow in the dark balloons
Under the Sea Party
Make an Obstacle Course
Make Scratch off cards
Bake marbles.
Camp outside, even if it is just the backyard

Family Fun
Play board and card games.
Make a memories jar.
Use conversation starters at dinner.

Make Concoctions for Play
Make fizzy magic rocks.
Corn syrup painting
make edible playdough
make moonsand
make floam

Naturally Inspired
Paint the sky.
make images on stone
make a twig trivet

For The Boys
make a periscope out of pcv pipes
make boats out of sticks or corks and float them!
make toy airplanes, boats, cars, etc out of recycled bottles
make juggling balls
make a mini marshmallow popper
make toy parachutes, planes
make building pieces from cardboard
make clothespin cars, planes
make pirate ships and maps
buy nuts and bolts for them to build with

To see these ideas in action, take a look around my Pinterest boards.

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  1. love the disposable camera idea...may have to borrow it! :)

  2. I'm drooling over your list! You have some really fun and unique ideas. Little J would love to make a periscope and almost everything else on your list. Thanks for sharing at the summer bucket list party.

  3. What a great bucket list! I really need to plan our summer. It is only a few weeks away. Yes, you can use my Titanic post in your meme.

  4. What a great idea! I love those quick easy ideas.

  5. Wow! Can we join you? LOL Looks like a GREAT list! (And I love the new photos up top!)

  6. Fun! I have been "liking" a bunch of your pins with the intention of putting them on a "summer fun" board.

  7. I need to sit down and think about what we want to do for summer.......

  8. Great list! Thanks for sharing. We're making our list right now:)

  9. I also have a summer bucket list with linky, feel free to drop by and add your post!


    Have a Great Summer :)


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