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Aleida's Challenge: Leaving Proof, At The Drive-In, May 2012

Aleida's Challenge: Leaving Proof


  1. Sigh, we almost made it to the drive thru this year, but too many schedule conflicts. I haven't been since I was a kid!

  2. Ah! there you are! Wonderful :) And reminding me to do this. Thank you.

  3. We love the drive-in and are fortunate to have our choice of two in our town. I grew up with many memories of the drive-in. The first time I ever went was to see The Rescuers. I still love that movie. :)

    My husband and I had a date night at the drive-in a couple weeks ago. We've decided that we enjoyed it more when we were younger. We couldn't even stay awake for the second movie! Isn't that funny?


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