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Snapshot Summary, March 5-9, week 20

Snapshot Summary, March 5-9


 This week we labeled the rivers on our salt dough map. We will be using it as part of our study of the Corps of Discovery.
 We have actually started our study of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. 

Easy-to-Make Plains Indians Teepee Village (Dover Children's Activity Books)

They especially loved making and playing with the paper Sioux village.
It is a xerox copy that I was given years ago.

 We made paper pizzas...

 and then played math games with them.
 With the Iditarod going on this week, we added a page in our Geography Album for Alaska
and learned about the Inuit Indians...
 and we received a wonderful package of goodies from Louisiana. I will show you more about it next week.
We went for a nature walk in the spring weather and Quentin took all of the pictures and cropped them himself. I love the Indian corn from last fall in the background behind the miniature daffodils. 
We experimented and played with invisible inks just because Quentin was curious about them.
 We also experimented with static electricity
making electroscopes, charging by conduction and by induction and learned about Ben Franklin's experiments with electricity.

We have been reading The Long Winter and
Naya Nuki , a story about two Shoshoni girls who were captured at age 11 by another Indian tribe and taken 1,000 miles away. Naya Nuki escapes from her captors several months later and the story tells of her experiences while making her way back home alone. The other girl caputured was Sacajawea, who gets sold to a white fur trapper, and eventually becomes the wife of  Charbonneau and joins the Corps of Discovery.

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  1. Once again - a great week. I love your salt dough maps.

    Thank you for your constant encouragement. You are a blessing to me.

  2. Love all the experiments,I especially like the paper pizzas!! Very interested in what is in your Louisianna package. Looks like wonderful learning experiences were happening in your homeschool(as usual:). Thank you for sharing.

  3. What a great week! The pizzas look so fun- what a great idea!

  4. Those paper pizza look awesome! The ones MY kids would want to make would be pretty plain - CHEESE! LOL Looks like a great start to your Corps of Discovery study!

  5. You make me look like a boring homeschool mom! So many hands-on activities. I really need to get with it. Visiting from WUHS.

  6. Fun to see your weekly re-cap. Sorry I haven't been on alot to comment, but I love your pins! Trying to get more time to sit down at the laptop! Looks like a fun week! Love those pizza props!

  7. I love how hands-on your school days are!!

  8. Looks like you have a lot of great resources for your history studies! I like the paper pizza too...I think I saw one of those on Pinterest this week!

  9. You are inspiring us to revisit our salt dough map. Love the detail you are adding and how you are expanding the learning. So much fun wrapped up in one week. Paper pizzas! Love it.

  10. Lewis and Clark was one of our favorite studies we have done! There are so many resources out there.

    Do you get Netflix? They have a 6 episode documentary on instant on the Iditarod. We have been watching it. That is a grueling race.

    1. Yes, we get Netflix. We love the Iditarod docu., too! I have loved following the Iditarod since my Katie was in first grade...quite a long time! :)

  11. You guys are amazing. I absolutely love your ideas and am so inspired. I am bookmarking this for our U.S. history studies! Thanks for sharing. We are stopping by from Homegrown Learners:)

  12. It's good to catch up with your week :) It looks like you've had a lot of fun - I'm not sure which activity looks the most intersting - they're all fantastic!

  13. You know, I forgot to ask on the original post, were all of those figures and such from your Native Americans Pocket book?

    1. No, the figures come with the Easy-to-Make Plains Indians Teepee Village (Dover Children's Activity Books.

  14. As always, loads of fun learning at your house :) You've reminded me that I need to get out our Interactive 3D Maps book. Love the picture of the daffodils!!


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