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Snapshot Summary, February 27-March 2, week 19

Snapshot Summary, February 27-March 2

It is hard for me to believe, but we have been sick almost the entire month of February...colds, bronchitis, walking pneumonia. We have gone through another week and we are still not well. Through it all, we get a bit of school work done when we are feeling up to it. This week...
we made the classic potato battery to power a LCD watch...
and a battery from water to power a tiny light...
 and a lemon battery to power a sound chip...
and for James' "final exam," he had to make a battery from an apple. He put it together correctly and chose to use the sound chip. We experimented with listening to the sound chip without an amplifier and then with a paper cup as an amplifier. This will bridge us to our little unit on sound.
We practiced recognizing and matching fractions with Fraction Jugglers.
We painted our salt dough map of the US that we made last week.
The set of Imagination Station books that I won in a give-away at Finding Joy arrived on Tuesday, which was a nice bright spot.
Katie made homemade spring rolls using the cellophane noodle egg roll wrappers Steven found at the Natural Food store. They are made out of rice instead of wheat so she can eat them. She was thrilled to be able to try spring rolls for the first time. What surprised us the most is that Alex loved them! Yes, Alex, who normally doesn't eat vegetables much at all, ate four of these!

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  1. It seems like everyone has been sick lately

    How do your boys like little house books

    1. They are really enjoying them.

  2. Poor, sick folks! Yes, we empathize. Still you had a great learning week - love all the battery action. And the Fraction Jugglers sound like a fun learning card game. Eating lots of veggies - from someone who normally doesn't - is always something to celebrate :) Sending wishes for wellness in March and beyond!

  3. Oh we loved the Imagination Station books!

    Once again, you inspire me to do more hands on activities with my kids.

    I am so sorry there has been sickness for the entire month...praying you all get better!

  4. Your fractions game and the finding area on the board game...great ideas! I remember as a child just how hard fractions were for me. Back then, I think the nun only taught the only one way she knew how. There are so many ways, creative ways, to teach children. Wish I would have had you for my fifth grade teacher :)

  5. Those spring rolls sound so good. Do suppose Katie would come cook for me?

  6. It is just no fun to be sick. But you did some awesome things anyway. I love the salt map. I told Keilee I want us to try that next week. And spring rolls? Yummy!

    Keilee was very excited to hear you were a Theater major. Of course that is what she wants to do. :)

  7. Using the geoboard to teach multiplication/division of fractions is brilliant. I love it. We just moved through that concept. I may have to go back and revisit it!

  8. oh wow.... gonna steal your geoboard idea. My dd is working on perimeter right now! I love your hands on fun. I bet your kiddos do too.

  9. I am so sorry to hear you have still been sick! I really hope that wellness is on its way :)
    I love all of the batteries you have been making!


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