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This Moment; Butterfly Pavilion Edition and Snapshot Summary, February 3-12 Mid-Year Winter Vacation

{this moment}
A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember. If you're inspired to do the same, leave a link to your 'moment' in the comments at SouleMama.

Snapshot Summary, February 3-12 Mid-Year Winter Vacation

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These are a few of my favorite things this week...
Roller Skating with Friends

Provisions and Preparations for the week.

B & O Railroad Museum
 While they were there, they also got to see a Conestoga Wagon...
 and got to see how large the wheels were!

We colored bandannas with fabric markers...

 and we baked.
We visited with very good friends and enjoyed dinner out.

Washington, DC

 Alex, James, Quentin and Steven went to Smithsonian's Air and Space Museum...
 and then met the rest of us at Smithsonian's Museum of Natural History to check out some of the exhibits like holding a Madagascar Hissing Roach at the Insect Zoo.
 The high point was going in the Butterfly Pavilion where a butterfly landed on Sam's forehead and stayed for quite a while, much to the delight of everyone there. (More photos here.)
Even the walks to and fro were wonderful, with all the lovely architectural beauty.

At Home
Time to rest, play, pretend and explore.
I bought this packet of tickets, postcards and such in the scrapbooking section because I thought it would be good fuel for imagination. It was.

 We got out the clay, and our favorite memories from the museum, like this Ibis from the Egyptian tomb wing, took form.

 Others made whimsical fish, from the idea at Scraps of Starlight, with lots of textures.

The day ended with a sundae bar.

Bowling with Friends
and finishing projects.
Finished the Sparkly, Scaly Fish we started on Wednesday.

Movie Night: Whisper of the Heart
and lots of popcorn, of course.
A bit of snowfall on the weekend, but  not enough to really play in. It has been a disappointing year in terms of snow. We all have really bad colds, and are draped in various parts of the house, watching Netflix or reading. I hope we get well soon as I was looking forward to getting back to work this week!


  1. YEAH! For Dr Pepper.

  2. You always have the most fun looking weeks! My oldest would have loved the B & O Railroad museum. Thanks for sharing, have a great weekend!

  3. OH my goodness!! What a non-stop fun vacation you are having! That photo at the butterfly pavilion is priceless! Oh - the learning on all these field trips. Wonderful memories.

  4. Love the picture of Sam with the butterfly. My Mother always told me it was good luck if a butterfly landed on you!

    What a week!! Holy smokes, you did a lot. Keilee would have loved the Air and Space Museum. How do you stuff so much yummy fun, education in one week!!!??? :) Happy Weekend Phyllis.

  5. OK -- Dr. Pepper Cherry Dessert Topper!!! I have never seen that!!

    Another great week!!
    Thanks for linking!

  6. What a SUPER fun week. I know you all enjoyed your break.

  7. What a FUN week!

  8. What a great-looking round of activities. Your kids have the sweetest faces, too....I always enjoy looking at the photos.

  9. What a blessed and fun week! That bread looks amazing too...yummy!

  10. A mid winter vacation is a great idea...and those rolls look really yummy!

  11. What a fantastic week! I love it all :)

  12. What is better than a butterfly landing on your forehead?! A wonderful moment from what looks like such a wonderful week!

  13. What an awesome week you all had! Your children are so lucky to have such a wonderful mom to make their vacation so special! :-)


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