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Snapshot Summary, January 16-20, week 16

Snapshot Summary, January 16-20
This week we have...
 enjoyed a few games of Power Sharks! It is nice for learning the names and some facts about sharks, and a little math thrown in as well.
We explored math blocks...practiced math facts...
learned about the Constitution, the presidents up to Grant...
and the branches of government.
Alex wrote about the Ohio River boats of 1795.
 We got our geoboard in the mail.
 and they enjoyed exploring it.
 Quentin dictated to me his third story this week.
We have practiced reading and writing copywork.
It has been so cold we have had the fireplace going all week to heat this big old house.
We are still waiting for some snow. The temperatures are cold enough for it, but we have been having sunny skies.
 We have been studying the French Revolution with the younger two boys. 
Alex and Sam have been studying the connections between the French Revolution, Napoleon's rise to power and the Louisiana Purchase. I love studying American History in World History context. It makes so much more sense this way.
We have enjoyed reading In Search of Honor. Amazon's description of it is good:
Young Jacques Chenier, caught up in the anarchy and terror of the French Revolution, finds himself living a precarious existence as one calamity succeeds another. His biggest fight, however, is to free himself from the prison of his own bitterness.

We had Cabbage Burgers for dinner to celebrate our study of South Dakota. They are shredded cabbage and beef pasties.
We will be taking a staycation in three weeks, so we will be doing some unit studies for the next two weeks because the subjects I had planned don't break well in three weeks.

Oh, yes also...All Things Beautiful has been chosen as one of the Top 100 Blogs

by Teacher Certification Degrees.

"Firsthand learning brings lessons to life in a homeschool where special needs aren’t barriers, CSI skills help solve an artful mystery, hard-boiled eggs illustrate the mechanics of earthquakes and a postcard album of the 50 states delivers a cross-country lesson; homeschool mom Phyllis also provides a special insight into autism on “All Things Beautiful”."
I feel honored to be among a great list of blogs.


  1. I'm intrigued by those cabbage burgers! Were they a hit with the kids?

  2. Of course you received an award- and congratulations. You inspire and encourage so many! Your week is so warm (I could sit by your fire photo and feel the warmth). A rich week of learning - branches of government, geoboard and shark math! I have at least one that would love to join in and learn more about sharks :) And a change up of unit studies in the next couple of weeks sounds fun before a staycation.

  3. Oh, I love how you casually mention your blog award, you're too modest. Congratulations, that's such a wonderful thing!!!
    It looks like you had another great week. I have one that would love your shark game!
    Congrats again!

  4. Another great week Phyllis. I know your kids just love having you for a teacher. The fireplace looks lovely! Sounds like the geoboard is awesome. Congrats on the MUCH deserved award.

  5. Congrats on that award! You're definitely worth it! And thanks for the last few posts :-).

  6. Congratulations on your award! This is definitely an inspiring space - my jaw always drops to see all the learning and exploring you get up to!
    How is everyone enjoying the geoboard? I wonder if we'd have fun with one. I KNOW we have fun with those math manipulatives! :)

  7. Congrats on your award! That's so awesome! You definitely deserve it. Great job! Those cabbage burgers look really interesting. They are different, but look really yummy.


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