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Liebster Blog Award

I have met so many wonderful people through blogging. I am continually amazed with the support that's out there. One form of support are blog awards and the Liebster Blog Award because of its requirements, is purely kind support.  I am pleased to receive the Liebster Blog Award from Dinosaurs and Octopuses. Thank you so much, Joyce! I appreciate you thinking of me.
"Liebster is a German word, meaning dearest or beloved, but it can also mean favorite. The idea behind the Liebster Blog Award is that it is given to bloggers who have less than 200 followers in order to create new connections and bring attention to these wonderful blogs!"

The rules are:
Add the award to your blog.
Thank the giver with a link back to them.
List your top 5 picks and let them know they've been given an award by leaving a comment on their blog.
Hope that your followers will spread the love to the blogs you've spotlighted.

So now's the time for me to show my support and spread the love with this award. Here's my five!

Please give them a visit, enjoy their blogs and tell them that I sent you.


  1. Phyllis, congratulations to you, and thank you! I will try to get a post written soon.

  2. Thank you Phyllis! I don't think I've won an anything since I was the proud recipient of a McGruff the Crime Dog doll from a picture coloring contest at a 7-11. I will spend some time coming up with my 5 blogs to pass this on to.


  3. Great idea for an award - I'm looking forward to checking out your picks!

  4. Thanks for sharing them!! Can't wait to explore their worlds.

  5. Congrats :)
    You deserve the award :)

  6. You SO deserve this award Phyllis. I love your blog..it is chocked full of awesome ideas!!

    Ooohhh and I love discovering new blogs! Thanks for the links and I am off to check them out. Well I already adore Susan @ Learning All The Time!

  7. Thank you so much, Phyllis. It's nice to know my efforts are appreciated. :)


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