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Snapshot Summary, December 12-18, week 14

Snapshot Summary, December 12-18
This week we combined some scholarly activities with some advent learning fun.
Place Value, More Than/Less Than and Advanced Addition and Subtraction
Quentin and I have been working on addition and subtraction for the last few weeks. At this point I needed to take some time out to make sure he knew enough about place value that he could accurately identify the larger and smaller of two numbers so that when he make up his own addition and subtraction problems, he can be sure to put the larger number and small number in the correct places. We played a game to practice this skill, and was able to throw in the less than/more than symbol as well.


Now, building on the work we have done in division and just to make sure he hasn't just learned a skill with the material, and not able to extrapolate a broader application from what has been learned, we continue with a third material to present the same series of experiences. This helps him to extend and review the knowledge he has already acquired. We can use the crossed lines, just as we did for multiplication. This time we can record the lines across to the left of the crossed lines and the lines down at the top. The crossed line joins can be counted and replaced by the total number. This forms a division problem we are used to seeing. We can play with this form just like we played with the previous form, writing any two parts of the problem and leaving the third to be discovered last. He can now make up his own problems to solve any way he likes.
Postcard Geography
We completed a page in our postcard-geography album on Iowa.
Picture Study
We learned some interesting background to Vermeer's The Art of Painting.

We began our Little House lapbook. I will be showing you more about that in the weeks to come.

Advent Activities:
Santa Breakfast and
Christmas in Scandinavia

Made Gingerbread Cookies and St. Lucia Buns
Made Scandinavian Heart Baskets for the tree

Saint Lucia Day and Christmas in Scandinavia
page from Holiday Celebrations Around the World
Mom and Dad are served breakfast in bed; no candles in her hair, however.
Snowman and candy cane pizzas for lunch.

Made snowflake ornaments.

Christmas in France


Make Christmas Goodies
Christmas in Russia
Christmas in Mexico
Mexican Teatime with Cinnamon Snowflake Tortillas and...
 Mexican Hot Chocolate
page from Holiday Celebrations Around the World
Happy Anniversary to my Better Half!
22 years of happiness

Weekend Snapshots
I neglected to buy a wreath this year, so Katie took some willow branches and made a wreath and decorated it with greenery, pine cones and ribbon.
Katie made spiced nuts, put them in small baggies and slipped them into the heart baskets on the tree.
She also made these gfcf shortbread men.


  1. What a wonderful week. Thanks for sharing it. I love the snowflakes for teatime.

  2. LOVE the Santa pancake! And those pizzas! Very creative! We did a little cooking this week too - gingerbread cookies, gingerbread dog biscuits and peppermint chocolate fudge. That's probably it for holiday cooking! LOL

  3. Love the collage of your week:) I'm blown away by all the hands-on creative fun! Awesome!

  4. As always, you have so many wonderful resources and ideas in this post! The Christmas Around the World ideas are great! Thank you for linking with Favorite Resources, Phyllis :)

  5. Hi! Do you know, I was browsing my own blog last night (I do that sometimes) and I found one of the many comments you've left for me in the last year...I stop here often, just don't always comment.

    I wanted to take the time to let you know I think this blog is amazing--so, so, so much going on!

    Also, I jotted down details about your History & Geography linky because I'd like to start joining in--I hadn't seen those posts before...and as you know, we LOVE history here!

    Best wishes for a wonderful holiday season...to you and your big, happy family of sweet kids!!

    ~Jessica, Only Small Things

  6. There is so much I love in this post!! Love the Santa breakfast and we love that book, "Lucia, Saint of Light". I have a friend from Sweden so we know quite a bit about Lucia. LOVE the snowflake decoration. Those turned out gorgeous. The Mexican Cinnamon Tortillas look yummy too. Just so many things that I could gobble up. And congrats on 22 years!

  7. I missed that it was your anniversary the first time I was here...Happy Anniversary!! :)
    Also, I look forward to hearing more about the Little House lapbook!

  8. Fabulous-ness!! Happy Anniversary wrapped up with all that fun. So much inspiration here. We just might have to make those tortilla snowflakes. St. Lucia Day is always a fun time for us too since we have 2 Lucias in the family - Nana and my eldest :) I just love stopping by here Phyllis!

  9. We love Lucia Day around here and always make Lussekatter (saffron buns) to celebrate.

    Plus -- happy anniversary. 22 years is nothing to sneeze at!

  10. Wow, what a great week! I loved so much that I don't know what to comment on. Happy Anniversary!

  11. Clicking through from the linkie and got to see an old post (actually a couple of them), and the Santa cookie made me smile because it reminds me of our family tradition.


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