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Premio Nice Blog Award from Leptir Montessori Blog

Leptir Montessori Blog gave me the honor of a Premio Nice Blog Award.
I love how blogging can make the world more connected. Leptir Montessori Blog is from Croatia. She recieved the award from Feliz Mamá (Somos una familia, nos queremos mucho...) which is a blog in Mexico.

Thank you very much for this award, Leptir. You all should pop over to see all the lovely Montessori activities she shares. 
This award has 2 rules:
specify 3 songs that are important to you, and
tell what you dreamed about.
I am not the best person to ask these questions as I don't listen to many songs. I guess I would say that I like Rich Mullins the best, and so you could pick any three of his songs off his CD Songs. (This link will take you to clips of the songs.)
As far as dreams go, if you are talking about dreaming at night, I don't remember my dreams and if you are talking about dreams as in asperations, I am pretty content where I am right now.

Blogs I am passing this award on to anyone who would like this award.
Just write up a post with the answers to the questions above and it is yours.


  1. Well congratulations! I too love how the blogging experience has been a path to friendships all over the world. And to very special people like YOU!

  2. I love Rich Mullins.


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